Even if you’re not interested in ‘growing a readership’ on your blog, Kana’s Chronicles blogging tips are simply delightful to read… 🙂

Kana Wanders

Blogging isn’t intended to be a numbers-game, but most of us would be lying if we said we didn’t note our own numbers. (See “Confessions of a Statistics Slut” for proof of my own profligacy in this regard…)  A blogging-friend asked the other day about growing a readership on WordPress, so here’s what I have on the topic… (As I learned in my teaching career, if one person asks a question, a few other people are usually quietly wondering the same…)

The followers of this blog haven’t accumulated as a steady gain; the “growth spurts” in readership are measurably correlated to my own online activities–which means you can deliberately grow a readership, if numbers are what you’re after. Or even if numbers are part of what you’re after. The blog-numbers are undeniably fun–but at the end of the day, it’s the blog-relationships that are rewarding.

1. Be a…

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    • Sunshine says:

      Hi Philo Mouse! Oh, I was reading this and thinking, I am so grateful for wonderful bloggers who write everything you wanted/needed to know about the very thing that has basically taken over day to day life! Yikes!! I’m glad you found some gems to take with you. 🙂


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