I’ve Got To Get A Message Out To You

Robin Gibb was still writing lyrics and making a “bucket list” of things to do in his hospital bed shortly before he fell into a coma . . . -India Times


Just a storage bucket or an active bucket list bucket? Photo source: Charlie Wolf

Gray news washed over the air waves as two radio hosts questioned listeners,

“Do you realize how brief your time is here?”

Famous Bee Gees band member, both a singer and writer

was making a bucket list before recently passing into a coma.


Robin Gibb, famous Bee Gees band member,  sings out, I’ve Got To Get A Message To YOU!

Is your bucket list just a list you create and store away from view


is this the list you aggressively work on to see it all through?

Time is short, your obligations are infinite. Are your houses regulated, your children instructed, the afflicted relieved, the poor visited, the work of piety accomplished?  –Jean Baptiste Massillon

Robin Gibb in concert 2009 Mai Leipzig Deutsch...

Thank you, Mr. Robin Gibb . . . Photo credit: Wikipedia

 . . .for reminding us to keep working on our dreams from our bucket list and the musical talent you generously share with the world. May you, your family and loved ones be comforted and strengthened during this difficult time.

With love,


**UPDATE: 4/24/12 Good news for the Gibb family as Robin Gibb has recovered and is out of the coma. Great news!!**

12 thoughts on “I’ve Got To Get A Message Out To You

  1. thesweetkitten says:

    We actually have 2 bucket lists on our blog 🙂 and yes, we continually work on realizing our dreams 🙂 Very soon, we will be able to cross something of the list again 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      That’s so uplifting Sweet Kitten and wow, not just one, but two bucket lists! You certainly are not wasting time and I bet you are happier than ever. I think you found the key to happiness! Yay! Thank you so much for sharing and the inspiration! 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      I think, Sonel, his family is still with him and everyone is hoping he will recover from this coma. Our radio dj’s played lots of the classic Bee Gees music through out the day and such a soothing voice he has.
      I’m happy you visited and *hugs* to you too!


    • Sunshine says:

      Hey Marilyn,
      Amazing all the legendary musicians who hold so much talent and touch our lives in so many ways. It’s always an inspiration when those who were given great talents use it to the benefit of humanity rather than squander their fame in self destructive behaviors.
      I’m happy you stopped by and shared in the conversation . . . 🙂


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Oh, I got weepy, Sunshine. And yet, it is a positive message–we must use our gifts to honor God and bless others NOW! Thank you–have a blessed “rest of the week”. love, Caddo


    • Sunshine says:

      Oh, dear Caddo . . . sorry to see you weeping. Please activate your power prayers for the Gibb family and I’ll do the same. Peace my friend . . . and thank!


  3. angelswhisper2011 says:

    It would be a great lost if Robin pass away, but he has so much strenghts, he just came out of the coma two days ago, it’s so unbelievable. When I was young and I heard the BeeGees for the first time, I guess it was ‘To love somebody’, I was completely head over heels in love with Robin and he still touched my heart 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      I just updated this post Angelswhisper. Thanks!
      Legendary musicians/artists who share their talents to spread goodness throughout, is definitely treasured. 🙂


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