Spellbound & Divine . . .

Oh-la-la! We just depleted our savings buying all this make-up but we sure look good!! photosource: 4.bp.blogspot.com

Okay, I attended a home-based make-up party the other night. For those of you not familiar with home-based make-up parties, a persistent sales person comes to your home, business lunch room, church or anyplace that provides very little distractions for about two hours and attempts to sell you their  “exclusive” and wonderful beauty products.

If you are lucky, your salesperson will keep you spellbound as you experience not only a new lip color but every sales pitch to get you to buy glamour at any price!

You would be proud of me because I kept to my budget and didn’t buy a single thing! Not yet anyway. I booked a party instead and for two good reasons. I think you would agree.

1. The hostess, that’s gonna be me, will receive something like $70 worth of beauty products for around $30. Not bad right? I mean, it’s a nice thought that one can look and feel fantastic without the guilt trip.

 My guilty troll’s constant rant: “What?? You’re gonna spend most of the money in our savings account for one, oh, so lush and thick mascara, one, oh, so smooth and light foundation and one, oh, so shiny lip gloss, that once applied, could land you a model photo shoot and bring you fame-and-fortune but more than likely, blind every person around you??”  

I covered up my troll with fine dusting powder–to minimize its wrinkles– and signed up to host a party.

2, The other reason, and it’s the main one,  my work friend, LC, who was hosting the party I was attending,  wanted the “free” (nothing is free with this type of party!) gift–a fancy make-up organizer but, to receive it,  she needed to sign two friends to host their own party. Uh-huh, this proves–for you young’ns still learning about the ways and wonders of this world–nothing in life is free!

I signed up and told LC, happy birthday. It was really her birthday!

Before I go any further, please, don’t misunderstand me. I love most of the home-base beauty products, but not the high prices! I think a small bottle of foundation hovered around $16 or $18! I guess you pay for what you get? Ouch!

That brings me to the point of my discussion here. The party demonstrator asked us ladies, what three items would most people lay down money to buy, even when times are bad and/or finances are tight. Researchers claim these are three things we cannot seem to be without:



 lip balm/lipstick/lip gloss

Um, I know I could live without the first two items but life would slow down to a snail’s pace if you asked me to put the two luscious lipstick back on the shelf as we wait at the check out counter. How do you expect me to go on with life, when, the two latest shade of lip colors called Spellbound and Divine, once applied to my eagerly puckered lips, instantly drops a rush of energy and the I-can-conquer-the-world attitude searing through my head down to my charming toes? How?

So, now you know what I will be grabbing for if ever there is an emergency evacuation situation in my little world.

Yep, tossed into the evacuation must-take-bag would be family members and friends, who happen to be hanging around with me at that moment, and my bag of make-up, especially my two new lip friends, Spellbound and Divine!

No, guilty troll is not included in this must-take mix. Thank you.

So, what would be your important, yet totally trivial thing(s) to grab for if ever caught in an evacuation situation?

15 thoughts on “Spellbound & Divine . . .

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    This was really entertaining, my dear–even though I’m long past such temptations (beauty? shmooty!). I’d be so busy trying to pare down my list of necessities, there’s no way I could deal with those trivial choices–I am SO Not Good in an emergency, so I can’t imagine an evacuation. I’m hoping someone would notice me, and yell, “hey, somebody grab Caddo, will ya?” God bless you–love to you, sis!


    • Sunshine says:

      Caddo, you, sister, are simply divine and absolutely funny to the core!!
      “HEY, somebody grab CADDO, we need our daily dose of laughter and pure entertainment!” You rock girl!!


  2. Roshni says:

    Probably my diary and a couple of books that I CANNOT leave behind! Apart from family members and best friends, that is! And…I have to admit…I’m in love with this post!


    • Sunshine says:

      Whoops! Hopefully your cats will see you getting excited and follow right behind you Angelswhisper! I’m hoping my Chuckles gets the picture too and follows close behind!!
      Thanks for sharing 🙂


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