Howdy! Chuckles Smiles with Sunshine!

Howdy! It's me, the one and only farm dog, Chuckles!!

Hey, hey, hey . . . Chuckles is in the house!

Yep, that’s me. Let’s make this short and sweet.

I’m the new staff writer with Simply Charming and my specialty is awards and blog games–especially tag games!  I’m not very fond of running, as you can see, I’m a rather big fellow so I just poke along until I tag you. Not today though, I’m supposed to cover an important award that came in recently .  Well, it’s been some days now and Sunshine just sent me an email and requested demanded I write the nomination speech since she  is sleeping at her desk has piles of stuff she pretends claims to be working on. I heard some nasty rumors around here that I spend too much time lazing around!


I say, is this a crime???

So, a lovely fellow like myself takes a break once in a great while all day and barks all night! Is this a crime? I should say not. After all my humble ancestors, according to the Wikipedia, was a favorite  of  The Grand Dauphin and other members of the French aristocracy.

I say, I’ve earned the rights to snooze while others work. Right?


Enough about my heritage, the Great Pyrenees.  Because I’m known for my ease and efficiency of movement, the Award Goddess, AMIRA from MindBlur, has released to my care, the

Sunshine Award!!

**UPDATE** jUsT iN . . . Nizam from HappieBoyz sent over another Sunshine Award!!

Who knew right? Like, this is the most perfect award for my Sunshine. As we say in french, Merci beaucop, AMIRA from MindBlur and Nizam from HappieBoyz!! I like Amira’s free and easy style of writing and Nizam who loves to see everyone happy and content!

They are both, all heart! Woof! (translation: love you, Guys!)

Okay. Woof-woof!! (translation: love all you readers too!)

Now it’s time to look at  . . .

 The Rules: *made to be broken*

1) Include the award Logo(s) in a post or in your blog.
2) Answer 10 question about your self.
3) Nominate 10 to 12 other fabulous bloggers.
4) Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.
5) Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

Come along now and inspect the questions, and since I’m doing all the work, my answers are first, then Sunshine’s answers follows!

Say it, “Chuckes, you are so smart . . . say it!”

That’s right! Okay, eyes . . .

The Questions:

  1. What is your Favorite color?  hmmn, mine would be rainbow but Sunshine likes golden-yellow (like we didn’t know, right?!)
  2. What is your favorite animal?  any animal I can lord over like goats, sheep, roosters, cats etc. and Sunshine loves horses.
  3. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?  i only get water . . . *sigh. but when it rains, i love to drink from the puddles. Yum!  Sunshine likes coffee . . . very dark roasted and super strong. Bleh!
  4. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?  we prefer both . . .
  5. What’s your passion?  haha, you know my passion is, ahem, snoozing lightly throughout the day.  Sunshine, she is a passion, especially when she brings me special dinners like leftover ribs! God love her!
  6. What’s your Favourite pattern?  What the hey? Favorite pattern?? My fave pattern is to bark all night, have breakfast, sleep til the sun goes down, eat a nourishing and energy packing dinner then start barking when Sunshine goes to sleep.   Sunshine’s fave pattern is telling me to shut it when I start barking singing.
  7. Do you prefer giving or getting presents?  I love giving huge loves but I also love doggy treats when they come by?     Sunshine loves both.
  8. What’s your favourite number?  two
  9. Favourite day of the week?  Any day except bath day.  Sunshine said any day except when she has to wash me. It breaks her back and I use tons of dog shampoo and conditioner to boot.                                                                                                                                                                                           Oh, excuuuse me for being so fat big and furry?!
  10. Favorite flower…

    Anything tasty and edible . . .

    Sunshine likes smelly flowers like gardenia or white ginger blossoms.

    Here are the nominees:

    Cee’s Life Photography Blog

    and more recent friends I have met and look forward to basking in their warm sunshine:

    books in the kitchen

     GYA Today

    I’m Excited

    Between Land and Sky

    Dutch Goes Italian


Four Blue Hill Photoblog

influence verses control

Whoa! Did you see that rabbit that just flew by here?? I gotta go!!!

See ya back at the ranch house!!

Wo0f-Woof!!  ~Chuckles.

36 thoughts on “Howdy! Chuckles Smiles with Sunshine!

  1. influenceversuscontrol says:

    I am very honored to receive the Sunshine Award! Thank you very much for the nomination. I will respond to this award as soon as I can. I was recently “tagged” and I was nominated for another blogging award. I am appreciative of all of this acknowledgment! Thank you


    • Sunshine says:

      Tagged did you say Influence verses Control? My warning to you, don’t run, just poke along like me…personally, I love the napping type past time games. Well, congratulations and glad you can use some sunshine. I’m going off now for a nap so see ya! ~ Love, Chuckles. 🙂
      Oh, take your time . . . no rushing anything is my philosophy! (except with rabbits!)


  2. imexcited says:

    Hi Chuckles! Well done and congratulations to you and Sunshine!!! I enjoyed reading this post. Oh and thank you so much for nominating me. I truly appreciate it. Hugs 🙂


  3. mtlawleyshire says:

    Chuckles – you look absolutely charming! Thank you for nominating me, but I’m not sure what to do now. Do I answer the questions on my own blog or in this resposne?
    I am, you see, quite new to blogging with any regularity.
    & thank you again 🙂 Happy rumbling after the rabbit (& hoping you don’t actually catch it) and have a huge ruffly hug from me


    • Sunshine says:

      Mt lawleyshire, it’s Chuckles here. Oh, I luved your ruffly hug and hope I didn’t get any skunk perfume on you . . . hehe.
      Anyway, you can look at the rules in this post and either follow it exactly or be creative and do as you please. (don’t tell the award creator i told you that) It’s like another post you create but the topic would be this award. Here’s Chuckles easy steps to receiving an award:
      1. copy and paste questions onto a new post post page then delete the original answers and put in your answers.
      2. if you want to spotlight any blogger pals you can nominate them and put their link address on your post. (I don’t always follow this rule . . . just saying.)

      Does this help? Well, I’m doing breakfast now but let me know if you need any help with it. I’ll be here. Woof!


  4. amira says:

    😳 such nice compliments you have given me.
    so so humbled.
    do I thank chuckles ??? 😆
    I guess both chuckles and sunshine ey!!! 🙂

    nice post dear, as usual 🙂

    gardenias sure do smell heavenly 🙂


  5. angelswhisper2011 says:

    Congratulations on your well deserved award, Chuckles and Sunshine. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Chuckles. I already learnt a lot about you, but I wonder if the barking/singing has anything to do with your age, your sleeping pattern or your temperament? 😉


    • Sunshine says:

      Hehe Angelswhisper, being a loyal guard dog as my breed is known for, I can’t help singing in the dark! Just to let my ‘friends’ to be aware, I’m on guard! ~Just being me, Chuckles! 🙂


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