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blogging tipsThough I’m no “techxpert,” I do like to play around with various tools and gizmos online, and I thought maybe some of you would have fun with the same…  

I’m a stats-girl, and a maps-girl, so the new statistics counter released this week by WordPress tickled me greatly! It’s a flag-by-flag breakdown of where my readers have been when they’ve read this blog, and a map to match.  How cool is that?

I had fun playing with it for a few minutes, but pretty quickly I wished that I could put it among the “widgets” on the side of my blog (so sad, no can do)…  A little hunting around online, though, and I just found an alternative that does the same…  These are the stats since I started up the count this afternoon (sadly, it doesn’t work retroactively), but it’s an interactive picture that will keep…

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    • Sunshine says:

      Hey Jake! Actually the honors goes to Kana’s Notebook and I’m so happy to find how to get the flags! Haha…now I have to find the time to put it on the blog page. *sigh*
      Be well my friend and see you on Sunday!


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