Donuts Do Me In!

Yes, once again a fast runner has tagged me. Boy, I must be way out of shape. Maybe I should slow down on those donuts they serve every Sunday before church. Who can resist chocolate covered donuts with tons of sprinkles??

My wonderful, in-shape, runner/tagger is from  ABC of Spirit Talk She loves to dance!

Tag Game- "Paper Dolls"

Please help me stop eating those donuts at church!

ABC of Spirit Talk’s 11 questions

1.     Which 3 words best describe you? whimsical, sunny, hot ( hehe . . . remember the sunburns?? )

2.     When was the last time you enjoyed some ‘me’ time? at this moment 🙂

3.     If you had to live in another country, which one would you choose, and why? heaven, and you know why, right??

4.     Write the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the words:

My Favourite thing to do is….to enjoy and live life under God‘s plan!

5.     If jelly was the only thing on the dinner menu, what would you do? have jelly?? 

6.     Do you prefer coffee, tea or bonox? coffee, coffee, coffee and more coffee (what is a bonox?)

7.     If you had the choice would you rather:

a.  Go abseiling? (no sailing . . . sea-sick already.)

b.  Entertain royalty? ( too expensive)

***c.  Get a degree in something outlandish and ‘go for it’?  ( Best pick for today)

8.     Do you enjoy wearing jewellery?  If the answer is yes, which do you

prefer – Gold or Silver? jewelry is not important.

9.     What is your ‘all time favourite movie’? phantom of the opera

10.   What colour is your favourite outfit? denim 

11.   Do you enjoy music? If yes, what is your favourite style of music, and

who is your favourite singer or band?   all types of music, currently enjoying classic pop like George Michael and Tom Jones.

Close your eyes, I’m gonna cheat be charming now . . .

I am attaching this tag game onto to my first tag post and for the 11 new nominees, if you are reading this and would love to join in this tag game, please leave your link address in the comment box below.  I will  send you your 11 questions for you to answer and all the other rules. Next, you put your running shoes on and tag away!  OR,  you can be a cheating person charming person like me and simply ask your friends who would like to be part of your tag game. It will save you and your friends time and energy.

Thank you again ABC of Spirit Talk and all of you readers. Without your love you bring here to Simply Charming, it wouldn’t exist. I mean, I would be posting but oh, what a dull place without your visits and conversations. If you haven’t seen me over at your place, it doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you, it just takes awhile for me to get there . . . but my intentions are to get over to chit-chat with you. In the meantime,

I would love your thoughts on blog awards and tag games . . . do you support them or find them overwhelming at times? 

Be the Light and Love in your world!

Sunshine xoxo


14 thoughts on “Donuts Do Me In!

    • Sunshine says:

      Hello Marilyn! It seems the time factor is a major issue with these blog games/awards and I agree, it’s fun to see the creative posts some bloggers put together for their acceptance speech. Thank you for taking the time and sharing your thoughts . . . anytime you want to join the tag, just let me know! Lol! 🙂


  1. carolynpageabc says:

    Who can resist chocolate coated donuts at anytime?!
    Great answers too. In reply to your question regarding supporting tag games and blog awards, I am in the 50/50 bracket. It’s lovely to receive the support of other bloggers and yet I find myself with so little time that I secretly hope, at times, that I will not be included. Then I’m offered the gift of an award and I’m tickled pink….I still have 1 to get to. Certainly a dilemma.
    I’m also a little concerned regarding one’s privacy which is why I asked questions which (I believe) are not too personal… !
    Bonox, by the way, is a beef drink which some people love. It can also be used as stock. & lastly: Your che@ting errrr charming method of tagging is very practical… 😉 Toodle pip 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Wow, I didn’t know about the beef drink, Bonox. Hmmn, sounds interesting and must be tasty! I appreciate your thoughts on the blog awards/games situation. It’s great to hear how others view difficult situations. Hey, I like Toodle pip! Thanks Carolyn!


      • carolynpageabc says:

        ‘Toodle pip’…. It’s an English expression; one that a childhood friend (from England) used to use. She was such a fun loving girl…it brings back some lovely memories. These were always her parting words….
        The Bonox (like our Australian ‘Vegemite’) is an acquired taste; you’d probably be wise not to go out of your way to find it….!
        It seems that most are of a similar opinion regarding the tags and awards… we like them and yet (in our busy lives) find them inconvenient…! Ah well, I will probably continue to follow through with them if only to honour the giver..! It is, afterall, a very nice gesture on their behalf… Take care &
        Toodle pip! 🙂


      • Sunshine says:

        Thank you Carolyn! I learned a few new things today. In a way, creating the follow up post for an award/tag is just another path for the blogger to take. Sky’s the limit and we can either create a simple, straight forward post or way out acceptance post. So, I agree with giving the honour to the giver. It’s like any gift we receive. It’s really about the giver and making them feel they are appreciated–even if we may not have any use for the gift. ~ Blessings and Toodle pip! 😉


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Oh I love this, Sunshine! (you’re not supposed to mention the “do-” word!) Really glad you’re a Tom Jones fan–I knew we had more in common than I was yet aware of! I don’t have time for the tag-games, although it’s always fun to read more about folks–and I’ve even had to call a moratorium on awards for awhile, so I can work on a bigger project. God truly does want us to enjoy and live our lives–I’m glad you’re with me on that! May He bless you abundantly today, and always.


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