Sunday Post: Designer Image

Design your image to reflect the early morning dew so clean and new

an image  light and easy like the cool evening breeze as it blows through your hair

pleasant and delightful as the first winter snow

quiet and reflective as a spring renewal

English: Morning dew on a flower

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fun, loving and adventurous as a summer vacation

and peaceful and content as an autumn thanksgiving meal 

I wonder, how clever this Designer is to weave His image in the wonder of His natural world?


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15 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Designer Image

    • Sunshine says:

      Hey thanks MJ! I’ve been working on resolving all my computer ailments. Just wondering if my site still comes over with the dreaded red slash?


      • Sunshine says:

        Lol, MJ! I did add https and my site address into the internet trusted site box, but I did re-install my web browser and did a full secure scan. Not sure if any of it helped.
        Still having occasional Error 324, where it doesn’t load…hence, I have been slow getting to visit the neighborhood.
        Thanks for the good news! 🙂
        *what* MJ forgets? The Master blogger who keeps notes and is so organized? Shocking news . . . 😉


  1. wordswithpurpose says:

    I love this inspirational poem. The words are so moving. Each day is a beautiful blessing no matter the season. Each season is uniquely special that invigorates the senses. Also, the image is bursting with vibrant colors that serves as a reminder of how uniquely beautiful each day is. Thanks for sharing Sunshine! 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      I love your reminder on how each day is “uniquely beautiful” and how one must learn to see each day like a new experience. It’s so easy to fall into the same old routine and not see the blessings. Your words are truly filled with purpose . . . thank you!


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