Way Back Wednesday: Davy Jones, Entertainer

The Way Back Wednesday Series, features Davy Jones, who passed earlier this week and a Private funeral for Davy Jones was held today. A public memorial will be held in several locations with dates still pending.

What’s not to like about this classic video, Daydream Believer:

REST IN PEACE, Davy Jones (December 30, 1945 to February 29, 2012)

Official Davy Jones Site


13 thoughts on “Way Back Wednesday: Davy Jones, Entertainer

    • Sunshine says:

      Oh, I know Bongo. I didn’t mean to take so long to answer. I guess I got slowed down listening to all of Davy’s songs. Hey, glad you stopped by. 🙂


  1. angelswhisper2011 says:

    This was the first record I bought and I still have it. I was 9 years at that time and cried when I first heard that song and now I’m older and still got tears in my eyes and pimples. There is one picture missing of the sleeve: the picture of Davy. I held it in my pocket. I loved the Monkees, their music, movies and Davy. Sunshine, thanks for this beautiful nostalgia 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      I’m glad you stopped in Angelswhisper and shared your memory about the Monkees and Davy. I love when the classic rock station plays their music. It was so upbeat. Thank you!


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