Miss Juanetta, the Housekeeper: On Nadine’s Predicament

It has come to my attention that Miss Juanetta has something important to talk with y’all about and she asked me to please, please,  have her on today. I told her you wouldn’t mind, so here she is.

Oh, hello my Lovelies!! I’ve been so busy picking up all the candy wrappers and droopy balloons leftover from Valentine’s Day.


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Listen my Lovelies, a sweet lady that I house clean for, apparently is having a little problem with her Facebook friend list. Well,  not a big problem, more like she needs reassurance she’s handling a situation properly. You see, she’s been contacted by not one, but two different “boy,” er, (now) man friends whom she knew from high school. The first boy, or should I say, man friend problem, resolved itself, but now,  Nadine, (that’s her name) tells me–while I’m cleaning around her place– that she needs my advice.

I tell her,Ma’am, you knows I’ma just the housekeeper with only cleaning on my mind. I don’t think I’m the best person you should be asking. I usually ask my Lovelies, because they are much wiser than me when I’m faced with a difficult decision. 

Nadine grabbed my arm and begged, “Oh! Please ask your Lovelies what I should do, Miss Juanetta! You are the best housekeeper, so efficient and trustworthy. I know you, and they, can help me!!


Of course, you know how Miss Juanetta has to help anybody who asks and once again my Lovelies, here’s Nadine’s predicament in her own words:

Thank you sooo much for helping me  . . . you see, the latest Facebook message came in from a boy I went out with only a few times way back in high school. Nothing really came about it and life went on with both of us, but now,  he’s messaged me with the first typical lines of insincere gibberish like, “Oh, haven’t seen you in years and wow, you still look great . . . blah, blah, blah.

Of course, I’ve been raised to be polite, so I returned the message with the same blah, blah, blah, except not the part about still looking great. We women are lucky, in that we have a whole make-up industry to put us into debt and it can also make some magic with looking real pretty–even after a million years has passed. Hehe 

Anyway, I wrote a short note back to him and not expecting any problems, since I kept things general and very short on any personal details of my life. Basically, nothing to show anything romantic or I’m-in-the-market-for-love kinda thing. Because I’m not. 

(You understand Miss Juanetta?)

Well, next message comes back with the ulterior reason for his message. At least I feel it’s kinda fishy. See what you think . . .

“I’m so glad you replied back to me! Blah, blah, been married for too many years now, you know, ups and downs of marriage. Right now, going through a rough patch, and don’t know if we can get through this one, blah, blah, but I’m going to try. Blah, blah, what about you? Married? Children? I still remember us in high school, blah, blah, I wonder if I did things differently how it may have turned up for us now.  Well, I don’t have an abundant amount of years left, blah, blah . . . not going to live the remaining years in a difficult, blah, blah, almost loveless marriage!”

That’s my story Miss Juanetta.  How do you think I should handle this?

Well, Nadine, it don’t seem too much a problem. I think.

You Lovelies see it as a problem? Should Nadine write a short note back to this friend letting him know how time has changed both of them. They both have their own families. Miss Juanetta is not quite sure if Nadine’s man-friend is just reaching out for support to help him get his marriage in better shape or looking for another person to escape the “love-less” marriage. 

I told Nadine not to worry because Miss Juanetta has some wonderful friends who always give great advice. So, let me know. In the meantime, Miss Juanetta is on duty! Clean, clean, clean is the new motto! 

Happy Mopping my Lovelies! And thanks Sunshine for letting me speak for Nadine! I owe you one!

Love, Miss Juanetta, the housekeeper.

19 thoughts on “Miss Juanetta, the Housekeeper: On Nadine’s Predicament

  1. orples says:

    I think I would write back telling him that I was very sorry things aren’t going well for him, but the whole reason I never married is because I am content with the single life and don’t have time for a relationship. I seems in handling her return comment in that manner, she would show compassion, while letting her old boyfriend that she is not on the market for re-bound love. Hopefully, he would get the hint without getting his feelings hurt. Here’s wishing your friend luck.


  2. munchow says:

    Juanetta seems to be more than clever enough to handle this problem for her boss. And I think she would understand that hinting isn’t going keep the boy turned man (on the outside at least) away from dreaming his stupid dreams. I think Nandine needs to pull a little trick here. What about sending a little note to his wife about how great he is, strong, macho and all fired up – pretending it was all to him. That might turn his little adventure into a storm – and keep him away for good.


    • Sunshine says:

      This is Miss Juanetta and Otto, you said some things Nadine’s man/boy friend needs to learn. Namely, he’s still living like the high school boy and “dreaming his stupid dreams!” I hope Nadine can pull off the note to the wife, but she may not know the wife’s contact address. Hmmn, think-think. Maybe she does know. I’ll let Nadine know, and yes, Otto, it may be just what this fella needs! Thank you!! ~Miss Juanetta.


  3. angelswhisper2011 says:

    Miss Juanetta, he’s probable in his midlifecrises. Tell him that he needs some counseling, and after he gets his life back in order he can try to contact Nadine again, but untill then he has to stay out of her life. I think sometimes you must be very direct in situations like this, otherwise he will fool you around 😉


    • Sunshine says:

      Miss Juanetta here and Angelswhisper, I think you are right about the midlifecrises. Personally, I think Nadine should remove him from her Facebook friend list but she is too soft with people. I think he will try to get her to feel sorry for him and gosh, I hope Nadine listens to all of these advice because it looks like it could get real messy. I’m gonna tell Nadine your message Angelswhisper, thank you! ~Miss Juanetta


  4. Inside the Mind of Isadora says:

    Miss Juanita,
    Let’s talk girl … you know this guy is looking to hook up but for just a hook up – like in old
    time sake. Forget it … !!!! He is having a rough time in his marriage??? How about a little counseling with the wife instead of looking for counseling in other places. AND – by the way, all that time he spends on Facebook; maybe, he should put that time in with his wife. Oh, did I mention that he is going to go back to wifey once he has fulfilled his fantasy of going back to how it was in high school???? Yup … he will go back and think – okay, I am still a stud. No way, amigo …. time to look for another conquest and it is not your very nice house owner, Nadine. Tell her to find the delete button on Facebook and erase trouble before it starts. Does she really want a guy who has been married and is looking for someone else before his present situation is even over??? NOPE … she does not.
    Adios dear friend …


    • Sunshine says:

      Hello Miss Isadora,
      I am so happy you came here for some girl talk. This is Miss Juanetta and everything you said from the fantasy hook up, the x amount of time on Facebook and going to counseling is what I forwarded to Nadine. And who knows, I told Nadine, she may be only one of many lady friends he is messaging–but sounding like she’s the only one. So sad I tell you. But I think Nadine will listen to all the advice and do the right thing. Thank you soooo much and happy cleaning! ~Miss Juanetta.


  5. Caddo Veil says:

    I absolutely love Miss Juanetta and her stories! And I know I’m going to show a side of Caddo that may surprise and disappoint her friends and fans in Blogville–but I do not have much compassion for this dude whatsoever. He needs to grow up already, stop being so self-centered, and be grateful for his wife–and treat her like a queen!!! (Now, if y’all decide not to accept invitations to my next awards ceremony/banquet–coming soon–I’ll understand, truly I will.) God bless you, Sunshine!!


    • Sunshine says:

      Well, Caddo, I’m thinking–Miss Juanetta here–on the same lines about how this fella needs to make right with his wife and stop going around to past (girl) friends and trying to get sympathy or who knows what. Wow, you having another ceremony? You must have a super caterer . . . well, I’ll be sure to get Sunshine to let me come this time. Sometimes, er, many times she forgets to invite me to them social events. But, Miss Juanetta not sorry, gotta keep up with the cleaning! God bless you too and may all the dust fly away from your place! ~ Miss Juanetta.


      • Caddo Veil says:

        Hey, Miss Juanetta and Sunshine! What caterer? I do everything my own self–can’t have anybody in my kitchen, as I’m the queen of hearts (if you saw that post). But I’ll tell y’what–if you can’t get the day off, I’ll just put some food back to save for you, and find somebody to bring it on by (I’m usually worn out after those award ceremonies)!

        On a secondary note, I called my best friend and told her you featured yours truly on the same post with Johnny D–my photo being the lead-in. Well, she laughed so much–took us back to my year of being lost-in-love with him (whew! glad I recovered from that foolishness!). But it was really fun for the two of us, so I wanted to thank you again!

        Much love to you, Caddo


    • Sunshine says:

      Miss Juanetta just a housekeeper, that’s what I told Nadine and I think she knows how to handle this after so many good advice here. What goes on in some peoples minds eh? Thank you for the help~Happy cleaning! Miss Juanetta.


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