Backyard Talk with Miss Juanetta–the Housekeeper.

Today I would like to feature one of the best housekeeper in the entire planet, Miss Juanetta.  Always cleaning and asking folks what they think would be the best way to make any place she visits not only clean and tidy but beautiful as well. Your comments and suggestions are very important, so please, don’t be shy.

All yours Miss Juanetta!

Hello my lovelies, Miss Juanetta, the housekeeper, here for some chit-chat about the backyard.  I know, just because it’s the back of the house doesn’t mean you should let it go to the weeds and critters. Have some pride in your backyard!

As you know, my main specialty is housekeeping on the inside, but honey, if I happen to see this on some backyard deck:

Keep or not to keep . . . that's the question!

a dirty cast iron frying pan filled with brown thingies, then you know Miss Juanetta has got to open her mouth and say somethin’. That’s right. Now, my lovelies, what should we do? I believe that black pan is the dog dish. Can you believe it? Never mind. I promise myself not to say a word to sway your decisions on any answers.

So what do you think?

Should these people throw out the frying pan/dog food dish for something more doglike, perhaps in the way of this . . .

English: Large blue dog food bowl, half full o...

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Or continue to use the dirty, one-of-a-kind cast iron dog dish? 

(Listen, don’t any of you go talking to your neighbors about my chit-chat I’m having with you. These people I’m cleaning for today are super, ultra-sensitive about image and they will fire me if they knew I was snooping around their backyard and taking random photos to post here.)

Then next thing on the list is this pile of something on the deck railing. Mystery piles.

Mystery piles for your backyard deck!

Yep, if you guessed chicken poop, you are so right! I know, seriously, chicken poop on your back yard porch! I know I will have to bring this nasty mess up to the boss. It’s all this fella’s fault!

"I poop when I sleep, what can I say??"

I don’t think we need to consult on this issue do we my lovelies? The rooster needs to be housed at night in a chicken coop. End of story. I will let the boss know right away.

The good news is, the last time I snooped checked this backyard, the owners had this messed up, awful dog house.

Leaky, broken down dog house

Awful, awful, awful!

After I pointed out what an eye sore the leaky dog house was, the dog was able to get this last week.

Guess who came to visit the dog?

Thankfully, the day after it arrived, it rained something fierce and the dog, or maybe it was the cat, stayed warm and dry.

Well, let me know what you think we should do about the dog dish and until the next dirt hits my eye, keep up the cleaning, my lovelies, and help planet earth stay beeeuutiful!

Your faithful maid servant environmental specialist,

Juanetta the lovely!

Inspiration from MindSlam’s Write Wednesdays: Week 2


27 thoughts on “Backyard Talk with Miss Juanetta–the Housekeeper.

    • Sunshine says:

      Hello Maggie,
      It’s me Miss Juanetta. Well, I’ma happy I had you smilin’ because I have found happy people
      usually are very good about cleaning. I didn’t see any rust on the pan yet, of course, I didn’t
      look too close since I was a payin’ too much attention to the chicken poop on the railing. Well,
      I got to run along and clean, clean, clean! See ya Miss Maggie and I’ll let Sunshine know you stopped in 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Hehe . . . oh, Bongo, what interesting things you keeping from me, Miss Juanetta?? Hmmn, it’s a makin’ Miss Juanetta veeeerryy curious now. I’ve been learning the art of bi-locating so, I may have to visit your backyard!
      Don’t you worry Bongo, Miss Juanetta’s got your back 🙂
      Until next time, keep on cleaning!
      ~Miss Juanetta.


    • Sunshine says:

      Miss Juanetta here Philo mouse . . . I never thought about the iron to the food. Hmmn. A good thing or not? A little iron is
      good right? And right. Plastic=chemicals. Yuck! Now, I’ma thinkin’ stainless steel is classy looking and sturdy too. Good suggestion!
      Glad you liked the doghouse 🙂 Well, I’ma off to clean again! Until next time, happy dusting! ~Miss Juanetta.


  1. orples says:

    Miss Juanetta, what a pleasure to read of the dog’s ill treatment . . .really, who treats a dog like a dog? Although,I doubt he cares what he’s fed out of, as long as he’s fed. I do like his new home and am glad he no longer has a leaky roof. I love the cat . . . reminds me of one I had, Stray (there is a little ditty on my own blog about Stray . . . the theme of the week was “love”). As for the rooster that is not potty trained; they eat their own, what would you expect? This was a very fun article. Thank you for the smiles and the humor.


    • Sunshine says:

      Hello Orples, Miss Juanetta here to say I read up on your Stray. Oh, such a sad story. It’s hard when we try to keep our animal friends fed and protected and mishaps still occur. Arrgh! I’m happy to say, the dog got a better dish and well, the Rooster is still pending.
      Thanks for the visit!
      ~Miss Juanetta


    • Sunshine says:

      Well, let me tell you Frizz, I was totally surprised myself finding the chicken poop! Miss Juanetta goes crazy with
      this kind of stuff. Anyway, things are getting better and you made Miss Juanetta very happy so now, I can go clean all week
      with this big smile and happy heart. You have a great week cleaning Frizz! ~Miss Juanetta.


    • Sunshine says:

      Hehe, sometimes Angelswhisper, people’s dirt get in my face and fog up Miss Juanetta’s vision. That’s when
      you know, you gotta go on a cleaning rampage as I usually do. I’m sure you have no dirt so no worries. Hey, stay
      clean and til the next time, dust, dust, dust! ~Miss Juanetta.


    • Sunshine says:

      Island traveler, this is Miss Juanetta. All’s I gotta say is I’ma real impressed with your style and love the way you
      keep your blog all nice and tidy. You make Miss Juanetta so proud! Now, you have a wonderful week and give a hug to your
      youngster for Miss Juanetta–ya’ hear? 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Oh, Lorrelee, this is Miss Juanetta and I’ma thinkin’, I may suggest your idea to
      the owner of this dog pan. Her kids may freak out when they find me scrubbing it in
      order to fry up their dinner. Hey, thanks for the wonderful suggestion! Hehe. . . I need sum excitement this week!
      ~Big hugs, Miss Juanetta


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