When a Modern Contraption Matters

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I love when modern contraptions streamline your life. How many years did I spend cleaning and mopping floors  the old-fashioned way? Well, more than a day,  just to let you know, and a few of my kids who–go figure–come to believe their Mama was born yesterday. Uh-huh.

Growing up, I would watch my mom, on her hands and knees, scrub and clean our kitchen and bathroom floors until it sparkled and you could, if you wanted, eat off the floor.  Now, mind you, she had a mop and a bucket in the broom closet but no, she believed by getting way down on the floor to clean was the only way to lift up the dirt and get it hurled off to another planet. I guess the mop and bucket was . . . you tell me because I’m still searching for the answer.

So, to keep up the tradition, I also kept a nice new mop and bucket in my broom closet and spent oh, at least a hundred years or so doing the same hand and knee floor cleaning as my mom.

One day, during an out-of-body-moment,  I watched myself being the perfect Cinderella toiling and slaving to get the model home floor finish. This is crazy! Who does this? It’s 2012 and not the Middle Ages! In the next few hours, I barely recalled what happened, but shortly before noon, I found myself standing in the kitchen, and I was cleaning with the modern mop I had seen earlier at the store last week.

I don’t work for Swiffer so my testimony is genuine. I love it! I just velcro the mop pad in place, attach the mop juice (cleaner) then press the button and fire! Out comes the sweet-smelling juice and the dirt lifts right onto the pad.  I remove the dirt filled pad once the floor is spick and span toss it  into the trash! No water, no mop head to clean or extra equipment like a bucket to store.

Since I spend less time mopping, I can now blog more! Now that’s what I call simply charming!

Has any modern contraptions have made your life easier and more efficient (so you can, ahem, spend more quality time blogging?)

18 thoughts on “When a Modern Contraption Matters

  1. angelswhisper2011 says:

    My husband gave me a ‘very quick and handy Swiffer’, so that I have more time for myself, but it turned out to be the slowest manner of cleaning for me 😦 I hold on to my mop and bucket and changed my thoughts into the modern 2000-ways: every day some cleaning, and the things you have to do, and what you can’t do today, well, there’s always tomorrow:)


    • Sunshine says:

      Tomorrow sounds like a good idea. I like that. I should have noted angelswhisper, if you have a very large mop area, I think the ol’ mop and bucket is a better way to go. My mop areas are very tiny so the Swiffer is way easier than the mop/bucket thingy.
      You have a kind husband 🙂 nice he got you a practical gift 🙂


  2. latebloomerbuds says:

    Haha, this is cute Sunshine. Swiffer Wet Jets truly rock!! Felicity reminded me about Smilebox for collages and such. Think about checking it out since our beloved Picnik is closing. Boo hoo, Margie


  3. philosophermouseofthehedge says:

    I keep trying to convince people around here that the Swiffer is a great invention….but some are still determined the mop and bucket is the winner…(.fine, you just go ahead and do that). I think the important thing may be to use it frequently so you don’t let stuff get built up…requiring that bucket. Sounds great to me.


    • Sunshine says:

      LOL Philo mouse . . . sometimes large mop areas do better (I’m guessing) with the mop/bucket. Maybe that’s why some don’t like the Swiffer and I totally understand. Doing the floors frequently is the key! And, Swiffer makes it possible! Yay! 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Hehe, Caddo, I’m always looking to get more time for blogging. If you find anything in this area, let me know!
      You are welcomed and I appreciate you coming by. Thanks!


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