Self, I’m Calling in Sick Today


Once upon a time, there lived a mom and she lived in a shoe. Here is her fairy book story…

Some days I wish for the, Tell-Me-How-To-Raise-Responsible-Teens-Handbook. Tell me, who has it? Come on, no fair holding it all for yourself. I need it!!

This is why. My youngest daughter. Age 17. Usually responsible and obedient young lady. Today, not so much.

I like to believe that true friends help you become a better person. For example, if I had a friend who enjoyed the same activities as I, such as going shopping at the mall, attending the latest movies at the theater, dining out or just hanging out, and that person worked on a day I planned any of these activities, as a true friend, I would forgo my “want to play” activities for another day, and urge my friend to do the same and have her go to work.

I still believe your friends should help you be the best human possible, but I am beginning to believe, some young seventeen year old minds cannot Self-ishhave true friendships because the Self-Ish lives within them. This Self-Ish is very powerful and can make any teen buckle until obeyed. My seventeen year old daughter’s new friend has Self-Ish living with her big time, and sadly, this Self-Ish wants to take over my daughter too.

Within the last month, this Self-Ish young lady has driven my daughter around with a car, given to her by her mother, who not only gave her the car, but pays the gas, the insurance and upkeep of the car expecting nothing from this Self-Ish young person. Now you are wondering, like I did, how in the heck does this Self-Ish person afford shopping, movies and eating at fine diners without having a part-time after school job and only gas money from Mama.

Wonder no more. The driver has cleverly surrounded herself with two or three working friends–one being my daughter–to pay for her entertainment and shopping desires. Voila!

I have nothing against this clever arrangement but when Self-Ish wants to go out, if her friend(s) need to work, screw the work. Self-Ish needs to see a movie and have dinner at the Indian restaurant. Call in sick or better yet, don’t call in at all. Just pretend you didn’t know.

Yes, my daughter has done all of it. Today she called in sick and was planning to run around with this lovely Self-Ish. Guess what? The fast-food restaurant my daughter works for called my cell number (this is Divine Intervention) and told me they had found a replacement for my daughter who was feeling ill. Oh really? Ill? Hmn . . . she just spent the night at her friend’s house and I didn’t get any calls from her about being ill!

I drove like lightning to pick up my wayward daughter just before the Self-ish and her pack were leaving to go clothes shopping at the mall!

The result from this major energy drain?

Internet privileges blocked and no hanging about with the Self-Ish for two weeks.

Gosh, I’m really tired now.

I’m calling in to myself:

“I’m really sick, Self, I can’t make it in today. Can you find a replacement for me?”

Thanks, Myself.

There you have it, folks…a fairy tale from a mom who lives in a shoe. The End.


10 thoughts on “Self, I’m Calling in Sick Today

  1. Warrior Poet Wisdom says:

    Yes, young people often do tend to be very self-absorbed and self-ish. One of the main reasons I’ve never missed my youth. What a glorious day it was when I realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that the word did not, in fact, revolve around me. 🙂
    Peace & grace,


    • Sunshine says:

      Wisdom surrounds us and some find it and use it as a treasured gem, others see no value and toss it away in the field. That critical age between childhood and adulthood (teens) is almost like a twilight zone and you were able to navigate through it. A fine example for anyone. Thank you for using the wisdom found in creative ways to help bring enlightenment to this world. 🙂 happy 🙂


  2. amira says:

    my 14 year old is testing my nerves too 🙂 I guess we just need to find an extra patience-pill. at the same time we need a commonsense pill for our kids 😀
    and am understading-pill for the “other” parent too 😉


  3. Bongo says:

    Your daughter is lucky she has you looking after her. The consequences she gets from you are not nearly as bad as losing her job if she pulls the sick call thing too much. And you can tell her I said that.


  4. Lori Franks says:

    Whoever thinks raising babies and toddlers is a lot of work better get their working boots strapped on for the teenage years. I remember going to a party where most of the adults had small children and they were carrying on about all the trials of parenthood. They had no clue. I had 2 teenage boys at the time and ,”I knew!” I sat there laughing until someone asked what was so funny.

    “Sorry, it’s not funny, really!”


  5. eof737 says:

    Oh dear! Hope she appreciates your intervention and turns away from the other girl. The teen years are tough enough without having manipulative “friends” around… Be strong and feel better! 😦


  6. Katie says:

    Teenage girl = Selfish creature
    Teenage boy = Unspeakable horror

    Having lived through both, I can say I like them soooo much better now they’ve left their teens behind. They are now the wonderful human beings they were as cute cuddly children. Why can’t we just skip the teens?!?


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