Dancing King and Queen

Some days you awake from your profound sleep only to find the energy you thought was recharging, failed, and now life feels gritty and all your actions run in slow motion.

Today I lived in my half-being, as gritty and slow motion as a day can get,  thanks in part for the lack of rest, I guess.

There is no excuse. Sleeping is what I do best. I can fall asleep just about anytime or anyplace. During any movie is when I fall asleep the best. But I’m digressing and leading you down the wrong path.

What I observed throughout my hazy day were little hints that may have indicated what troubled me during my restless night. Mind you, it must have bothered only my deep subconscious since I don’t remember a thing once the lights clicked off. Of course, you know it, how soon the hateful faithful alarm clock persistently begins to ring!

I’m not done recharging Mr. Alarm clock , sir, pleeease…ten more minutes!

Drats! And double drats!

Well, the day progressed slowly as I uncovered what may have ailed me for some time now. Like, who knew??

The dancing King and Queen knew,

no matter where you are

be it young or old

never let your age stop you from being too bold

Forget the birth years

that come and go

focus on your dreams and bury away the fears

for as  C.S. Lewis once said:

 You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

I’m not sure why the image and the C.S. Lewis quote came to me today, but perhaps aging gracefully and with a purpose may have been on my mind lately. Hmmn.

Have you ever found a concern hidden after a restless or profound slumber? Did you find it helped to create either by writing or artistically, to uncover the concealed worry?

13 thoughts on “Dancing King and Queen

    • Sunshine says:

      When I first saw the photo I thought, eh, nice shadows on the wall . . . then it hit me. Cool! Your eyes first see the elderly couple but in their fantasy, the dancing King and Queen! Happy you liked it too Bongo! Thanks!


    • Sunshine says:

      Ohh, how painful to hear the sound. 😦
      I should probably get to bed earlier to alleviate the struggle. Of course, that’s another big problem! Sheesh . . .
      Appreciate your visit Gracie 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      I agree . . . it is an image that can stand alone without any words and every viewer could walk away with their own story. Thanks so much for visiting Peg 🙂


  1. Lori Franks says:

    I love to dance!

    I can relate on the alarm clock issue. I am always in awe that I can’t find my glasses, car keys, cell phone, ect. But can find the snooze button with my eyes closed!!


    • Sunshine says:

      Hey, that is soooo true! I didn’t think about this until you mentioned it Lori! Haha! Amazing but true . . . the alarm snooze button can be found anytime, nothing else has this much power. 🙂
      I love to dance too but it’s been so long for me, it would probably be a very spastic adventure not to mention an eye-sore for the other dancers around me. 😦


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