One Lovely Blog Award

It is with joy and great hoopla going out to Warrior Poet Wisdom, whose inspiring words help one to reflect and examine this life worth living. Such a gift as this:

truly brings so much happiness and I thank the Warrior for this gift.

I am in awe.

This award is simply lovely, for as you see, it has no conditions except to pass them on as a way to show your appreciation for the kindness blog friends bring, when they come and visit and occasionally even join in with a bit of a chat or two. How awesome is that?

Super Awesome!

So here are a few friends who make life’s journey oh! so sweet, and if you visit them, you too will find them all quite charming. In no particular order please give a standing ovation for:

Cee’s Life Photography Blog

Chris Donner, Mystery Writer

Mirth and Motivation

Bongo Dog Blog

Life on Mars

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Indulge-Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences

This Man’s Journey

Shahanifudge’s Wear it With a Smile

Lucid Gypsy

Mind Blur

The Squirrel’s Eye

Mis Experiencias Personales


mj monaghan

I could go on and on–like a shopping day at the mall– (hehe) but for now, I’ll  tip my hat and say, until the next time, God bless you all!

Sunshine xoxo





18 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. amira says:

    you totally and surely deserves this lovely award – for you are lovely and generous and kind and charming 😀

    thank you for counting me in with your lovely bloggers. it means the earth, the moodhu, the moutains, the everything to me 😀


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