For the Lonely and Sad: The Perfect Prescription!


Attracting gladness to the heart appears to be the perfect prescription when loneliness and sadness are the diagnoses of the day.

Village of Porto Covo, west coast of Portugal

The wave of gloomy news rolls in like the tide, day in and day out–you name it, you got it or at least experienced it through friends or family seeking comfort to ease their pain.

How does gladness shine through the day when your church friend finds this new year filled with critical breathing problems and days are now spent occupying a hospital bed? Or the lab results came back with heart stopping news that the tumor found is malignant and going to be difficult to treat?

Attracting gladness to the heart for those who are ill, may come from the healthy ones who lend a hand offering companionship, prayers, maybe a meal or two, and just words of comfort until the sun can shine through.

 How do parents attract gladness when young ones test you and constantly bicker or the teenagers you know need to learn practical, yet difficult life lessons, as you enforce curfews and rules . Remember the kingdom of heaven is not in some far off foreign galaxy, but cleverly hidden, yet readily found, to those who persistently seek the key that unlocks the door to the divine One .  

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After a hell-of-a-day, the thoughts of a parent could be the continual prayers that seek wisdom, guidance and grace for each heavenly child.

Maybe you’ve found yourself divorced, widowed or simply alone, without a friend or a companion to stand by you. What can you do to attract a glimmer of gladness to your own heart?


Smile…like any child would do, and let go of the problems you cannot change. What else can you do?

From the moment you awake, attraction begins, so pay attention to your thoughts and write them all down. This helps you to see, as you glance over your page, gladness being attracted when giving and assisting others is the dominant actions throughout your day.

When you find yourself feeling “blue,” or see someone going through a “rough spot,” what spark activity kindled gladness in your own heart or helped others attract gladness during difficult times? 

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19 thoughts on “For the Lonely and Sad: The Perfect Prescription!

  1. Warrior Poet Wisdom says:

    Great post. I’ve always found letting it go or letting it be the key to overcoming frustration, sadness or misery. Suffering takes place in between the way things are and the way we want them to be. No one is responsible for our own feelings of suffering except our selves, and the power is within us to end it if we choose.
    Peace & grace,


    • Sunshine says:

      When I hear this around here: “I’m sooo bored, there’s nothing to do!!!” I am going to rapidly fire your: “the power is within us…” to make the change. For example, if there’s nothing to do kid, why is your bedroom resembling a pig’s sty? Good one Miro! Thanks for the ammo! 🙂


  2. amira says:

    i came across a nice saying recently …
    it goes something like :
    “if you come across someone without a smile, given them one of yours”
    a smile goes a long way in any situation 😀


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