simple kind of day…

Today was just an ordinary, a bit chilly, simple kind of day. I tried to think and look around to see what I could share with you. Even thought of being lazy and skip the writing just for today.

I’m feeling too guilty.

A good thing about lulls is going around and catching up with all the news your blogging neighbors have left in your e-mail mailbox. Don’t you wish that every news could be read and better yet, you could leave a note with every one?

I tried, but time keeps ticking and my energy flow is quickly diminishing to low. It’s times like this that my oldest son emerges from his college life and sends me a pick-me-up-text message.

It goes like this:

Roger on Richland Avenue with Schwinn Bicycle

When I was young I used to pray for a bicycle,

Then I realized God doesn’t work that way.

So I stole a bicycle and prayed for forgiveness.

Oh, my.

What should a mother think about this?? 

Have you received anything that makes you wonder hmm, what should I do with this?…

Thanks to my oldest son (I think?)…and thank you for sharing in my ordinary, simple kind of day.

Sunshine xoxo




16 thoughts on “simple kind of day…

  1. William Lawson says:

    Have I received anything (lately) that makes me wonder? Yes, as a matter of fact. 😉 Just before notice of your post, I got this one from Scotia Nightpoetry entitled “Hope”

    The News is so bad

    That night after night

    I hope there’s a tunnel

    At the end of the light


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