Seven x Seven Link Award

Before I go any further,  Lori Franks, over at Sunny Side Up, visited last month and awarded my blog with the Seven x Seven Link Award.

As with any award or recognition, I go super crazy in the spot that I’m occupying. I’ve finally calmed down and ready to complete this mission.

My big hugs and heart love to my sweet neighbor for this nomination and if you by chance don’t already know the famous Lori Franks, what are you waiting for???

English: An acro dancer performs a front aerial.

She will flip your world to Sunny Side Up!


This award has a few attachments–like you didn’t know, right???

I imagined Lori, being kind as she is, coming over and pushing me off my fat rockin’ hot butt and helping me send this award out to other worthy award winners.

(Quick!!  Here she comes.. how do I look? Like I’ve been working real hard on my acceptance speech??)

Lori: Ahem,…with the 7X7 Link Award the first thing you have to do is tell something about yourself that nobody knows.

Me: What? Like a deep dark secret?? Lori? LORIIIII!?

Lori:…tell something about yourself that nobody knows!!

Me: Oh, geez…let’s see. Hey, did you know I harvest plaque from my teeth? It sounds gross and nasty but you know how you run your tongue over some of your teeth and you can feel the mountain of plaque building up. A dentist, don’t ask me why, just handed me a bunch of dental tools he wanted to get rid of and maybe he felt sorry for his assistant who worked like a dog trying to scrape the plaque mountain growing on my teeth.

He indirectly and discreetly mentioned how I should harvest before visiting his office.

Right Mr. Dentist…will do.

So, every night I visit my plaque farm. I’m wondering if there may be profit with my plaque filled wheelbarrow. What do you think Lori?

Does this unknown fact count Miss Lori? Lori?

You hoo…?

Well, I guess she left but this note fell out of her pocket . . . tell us about your 7×7 Links. Love, Lori

Er, no problem Lori…

Most Beautiful Piece:

I’m glad we started with the beauty topic since The Dreamiest Breakfast Ever by far sends me to the stars every time I see it!

Most Helpful:

Selecting for this topic is difficult. Are we talking most helpful as far as helping spread word about worthy causes like Waiting for Love…the Greatest Terror or helping other bloggers like Another Milestone for Baby: The Versatile Award

Most Popular: 

When I started blogging, I originally committed only to the Post a Day 2011 project but soon found the Post a Week Photo challenges quite interesting. These two entries were my most popular:    Celebrate the Little Things in Life  and  Winter

Most Controversial: 

If you find home birthing uncomfortable then Children of the Earth Foundation could put you out but nothing to get your blood boiling.

Most Surprisingly Successful:

This was my fun piece, A Simple Warning Before You Visit ReadMind, and I didn’t think would make much of a scene but it got some people entertained or confused maybe.

Most Underrated:

What can I say? I love it so guess that’s all that matters…        A Masterpiece in the Making.

Most Pride Worthy:

*Sigh* Children growing up and flying away…A Hand in Marriage. I’m hoping my daughter decides to stay close by but that is the  part of life I’m still working out.

Whew! Almost done folks, hang in there…

My seven nominees for this award are:

  1. Belle of the Carnival:    Awesome lady here! You will love your visits and look what you can learn to do… The Perfect Butt Clench ! Oh, yah!
  2. Cee’s Life Photography Blog:  Cee will take you through her life happenings from the view-point of her camera. Check out her recent photos of the very, very cute Alpacas!
  3. MindBlur:       Amira is the gal you want to see if you love poetry, Maldives life and life in general…The Angry Hungry Waves .
  4. Caddo Veil:   Recently found neighbor that writes beautiful poems like  Exit? Not Yet.
  5. mj monaghan:    This is the awesome dude everyone should check out especially if you need  The Zen of Laundry.
  6. Chris Donner, Mystery Writer:     Chris is writing a book. A mystery! Here’s the preview: The Banker’s Murder List
  7. This Man’s Journey:            Simply a beautiful place to visit…Between

This has been a real journey creating this award post but with the effort and pain, it forced me to reflect on my earlier entries and how my style both in writing and the compositions of the post evolved over time. I think overall I have gotten better. ( Hey, practice makes perfect…right?)

Striving for perfection! Thanks for all the support and the love~

As I have always said… YOU are Simply Charming!

Sunshine xoxo



28 thoughts on “Seven x Seven Link Award

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Are you serious?? Or am I hallucinating “fame” again? Oh, my goodness–if this is still here tomorrow when I get up from my fevered bed, I’ll probably accept!! If not, it’s really okay, truly–you’re wonderful, but I’ll say more about that later… God bless you.


  2. amira says:

    you are simply charming 🙂
    your writings superbly engaging 🙂
    your insights into life so very humoring 🙂
    the awards you send my way so humbling 🙂
    thank you thank you, do you see me flipping? 😆

    that video clip is just great.
    I sure cannot flip like that, but in my mind I AM, I REALLY AM 🙂


  3. belleofthecarnival says:

    Congrats on another fantastic award! Also thank you for the nomination! I feel like singing and doing Jazz leaps! Will you join me? “Fame! Remember My Name!” and this is the next part where we start dancing on the taxi cab 😉


    • Sunshine says:

      I like your idea having a work in progress page for any awards with stipulations…takes the pressure off and shifts the gears down to low speed. 🙂 Thank you~ 🙂


  4. mj monaghan says:

    You are my Sunshine!

    First, congratulations are in order for your well-deserved recognition.
    Second, I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve your recognition, but thank you so much, my friend!

    Here’s to your continued success, and your fantastic rays of Sunshine!


  5. the island traveler says:

    Congratulations. You deserve every bit of the recognition for having a beautiful blog that inspires and builds friendship. Thank you for the nomination. I value and appreciate the thought and the generosity. May you and your family have a happy and blessed 2012….


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