Looking Back at Post a Day 2011 — How’d You Do? Part 1


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Hello You, 

This is the roving Internet interviewer and today we have in studio, Sunshine.  She graciously agreed to answer a few, inquiring minds want to know type questions… 



Why did you start the Post a Day/Week Challenge?

Before I explain the Post a Day Challenge, I need to take you back a few steps to why I began to blog. I’ll be quick. Hehe… One day, attempting to organize and cut the treasures junk accumulated in my life time, I discovered a few  dozens of loose folder papers,  uncompleted composition notebook pages (three-fourths unused!), three-ring spiral notebooks and incomplete journal books, laying dusty on bookshelves, crammed into junk drawers and gasp, thrown in corners on the floor throughout my house. I began to have a major meltdown…standing in the middle of the mess began the pivotal point in my life.  I had to decide whether to continue this stupid idea of writing randomly, preferably in a NEW notebook, then abandoning any written project begun. Of course, I couldn’t bear to throw any notes out. Unthinkable. I either continue filling in new notebooks, discard them a quarter way through and find a storage unit to store the growing inventory of half filled notebooks or–I could start to blog. A friend suggested Blogger, but after one post, I felt like Dorothy in the Land of Oz. (It just wasn’t for me.) Then the discovery of WordPress and once I logged in, I knew this Dorothy had found Kansas…a home with lots of support and fine neighbors ! The Post a Day theme sounded like the perfect idea for a free-spirited, unorganized, writing junkie as myself, for it became my daily obsession without the disorganization and the paper/notebook fire hazard situation, growing wildly out-of-control.

Describe the state of your blog at the time you started the challenge.

Since the challenge basically started with my blog, I don’t need to tell you the state of my blog. Okay. You want to remind me. Fine. It sucked. There. I said it. Happy?  It was about Whatever Happened to Mr. Snake? and the response was electrifying  terrible. Nothing happened.  

How did your blog evolve over the course of the challenge?

Without getting any response until the eleventh post, I kept the mantra rolling in my head… Everything takes time, just persevere and keep writing!

Did you post as often as you had hoped? Why or why not?

Yes, in the first month I blogged everyday despite having no feedback whatsoever. During the second and third month, I missed on an average four days in each month due either to sickness or poor time management. (This post was to be published on the 29th of December, but I missed the deadline! I thought it was eleven p.m. but it really was one a.m., the 30th! Poor time management at its finest.)

Let me tell you, for a free-spirit, missing only four days in a month is like, awesome! Sorry. I needed to cheer myself on.

Oh, um, somethings gone wrong…

My brain, check it out…is it…z … z… z…

too late my friend, her brain logged out so you’ll have to wait for part two tomorrow…that’s the plan anyway. 

Have yourselves a good one–

Your Internet interviewer signing out for,


15 thoughts on “Looking Back at Post a Day 2011 — How’d You Do? Part 1

    • Sunshine says:

      Now that the Internet roving reporter knows where I live, I’m thinking I best keep up the challenge in 2012. You know how persistent those reporters can get just to get your story. Just letting you know, I, ahem, may have inadvertently let him know where the belle of the carnival hangs out…:)


    • Sunshine says:

      This is way too exciting!

      Thank you so much Warrior Poet and Halfwaybetweenthegutter for these awards. You have left me speechless so the best word I can think of to show my gratitude and honor to both of you is…Namaste…
      “The spirit in me honors the spirit in you.”


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