Christmas Treasures for You…

To all the wonderful neighbors(bloggers) I have met here at WordPress, I am sending my love and appreciation for your ever-present support, conversations and gifts you lavished upon Simply Charming. Without you, growth would be stunted and life would lack color. You made me a ravishing beauty! Thank you!!

A blessed Christmas to all the fur loving neighbors and fur neighbors who visit:

You come visit me at Rocky Ridge Refuge...ya' hear?

A gift of poetry to all my dedicated, talented writers who visit:

happens to us, burns into us, changes us,
we tremble and swoon, we submit.
Creation – we participate in it,
we encounter the creator,
offer ourselves to him,
helpers and companions.”

Martin Buber


A memorable song for all of you for making my 2011 a year of growth and simply delightful!

Peace and blessings,



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Song by You Tube Air Supply

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