Slumping No More . . .

Guess what? A couple of hours ago I was slumping. That’s my way of saying my writing ideas went for a walk (don’t ask me why today since it’s so cold outside) and left me slumping. Good thing my laptop found me, barely breathing, and revived me back to life. Thank goodness for a faithful friend.

Now that I’m all fired up, I should tell you a little about my evening with Joseph Fort Newton. He’s the guy who came to my rescue when I failed or better yet, panicked, when pressured to write out my 2012 New Year’s resolution the other night.

Anyway, he brought along his book,  Everyday Religion, filled with many of his thoughtful sermons and writings.

I won’t keep you long but look how well he answers his question:

When do we really live?

…When we are wise enough to live one day at a time, letting yesterday go and not living tomorrow until it arrives.

When we know that everyday is a little life, every night a little death, and that we pass this way but once in our journey.

When we have learned a few great books full of beauty, serenity, and vision, and treasure them as our guides and companions.

English: Illustration from An Old Sweetheart o...

Great books that guide and read like your favorite companion’s company, make cold winter nights seem like an evening spent cuddling with your best friend, sipping hot cocoa in front of that warm, glowing fireplace and enjoying the moment in harmonious silence.

Winter nights are longer and in the past people would find creative outlets to pass the hours until morning arrived. Quilting, mending various household or farm tools, playing musical instruments and polishing up the gun collection are just a sampling of the by-gone winter night activities. Today,as we all know, there is an over abundance of entertainment to choose from, but my all time favorite is spending it with a favorite writer(s).

When do you think you really live?

Have you read any great book(s) recently that either guided you or kept you entertained?  

Thanks for stopping in and glad you met up with Mr. Newton.

Happy reading and writing!

Sunshine xoxo


10 thoughts on “Slumping No More . . .

    • Sunshine says:

      That’s a good example on really living . . . exploring neighborhood or another part of the world…it reminds me of our neighbors we have here on WordPress from all parts of the world.

      Happy you stopped by belleofthecarnival! 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Oh hey rumpy!!! Yah, it was getting a little rough but hey, I’m happy you stopped by. Now I have to make up for lost time and get out to visit you and all the other neighbors so see ya! 🙂


  1. Bongo says:

    My favorite thing is to go out on my trails and then come home for a good nap. My person says she likes the trails too, but also great books and good conversations.


    • Sunshine says:

      Well Bongo, I think I can definitely enjoy the “good nap, books and conversations,” but er, if you have maybe a bike or better yet one of those power gizmos like a trail motorbike, maaaybeee, just maybe, going out on the trails may sound appealing. (Lazy like that.)


  2. khushjenny says:

    I would go for a walk, and yeah, there are many books which guided me…I love reading books and listening to audio books as well..

    I am happy you got out of slump Sunshine 🙂


  3. eof737 says:

    Excellent and lucky you to have him nearby. I love the line: “When we know that everyday is a little life, every night a little death, and that we pass this way but once in our journey.” That is so true. 🙂


  4. Sunshine says:

    I agree with you my friend … a good thing to remember this balance between life and death. Besides the books, it’s friends like you who journey with us that make traveling through life a whole lot better!! Thanks!!


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