Way Back Wednesday: Feeling Groovy!


Everyone knows how easy it is to make a New Year’s resolution but face it, every year it usually ends up the same way.

Starts with the firecracker explosion and the, pumped up, I’m gonna do it this time! attitude . . . only to find (usually within a couple of months) our resolutions  loitering aimlessly backstage looking for the ass kicking director’s notes and criticisms to get back on stage and finish the show with a bang.

Don’t let your resolutions loiter backstage. You’ve worked too hard, thinking, planning and writing about life changing goal(s) knowing once mastered, they can transform you and maybe even the world into something better.

My 2012 resolutions revolve around living.

A faith fit to live by, a self fit to live with, a work fit to live for, and someone to love and be loved by.

As I step out on the 2012 stage, I can think of no better song than the Way Back Wednesday Feature: Feeling Groovy 59th St Bridge Song by Simon and Garfunkel to keep my resolution up stage until I know how to make the morning(resolutions) last.

Slow down. Put the morning newspaper down, turn the news radio off and spend a few minutes in silent thoughts with God (my someone to love and being loved by!)

Relax my self. Close my eyes and just sit. Just sit in silence . . .  a few minutes today, but work a minute longer each day . . . sitting in silence being comfortable being alone and not afraid of being lonely.

Alone, yet feeling groovy!

Being blessed with excellent health and simply being employed thrills me like it’s a passionate hobby I love doing .

Working hard, yet feeling groovy!

My resolutions revolve around giving.

I’m taking each morning to set a good intention by placing my little self into the lives of others. To see how it is from their point of view and learning to share more and not worry about the cost or the loss.

Let the morning time drop all its petals on me 

Life I love you, all is groovy

Sunshine xoxo

Inspiration and credits:

1. Feeling Groovy 59th St Bridge Song Lyrics of Simon And Garfunkel

http://www.seeklyrics.com/y to sleep

2. Joseph Fort Newton


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  1. Lori Franks says:

    Tag your it!!! I have nominated you for a super special blog award! The 7X7 Link Award. Come on over to my blog and check out what you need to do to accept this prestigious award.


    • Sunshine says:

      Thank you Bongo,
      You probably had a lot of things going on with Scratchy and strange bubbles in your river so makes sense why you didn’t hear the song in awhile.
      You always have encouraging words that uplift any writer. Thanks!
      See ya!


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