Sweet (2012) Resolutions

2012 . . . right around the corner. I’m feeling the pressure–what’s it gonna be–huh, huh? What’s it gonna be??

Come on, spill it out on this page. Put it down once and for all.

My mind, it’s not large enough, not smart enough, not creative enough to think on its own.

Come on. Think-think.

Epic fail.

I had to call, Joseph Fort Newton, to help with my 2012 New Year’s resolution. He thought it out for me. Sweet!

LOOK OUT 2012! I resolve to live these words with each breath I take, each step I make, and every prayer I make . . .

A faith fit to live by,

A man praying at a Japanese Shintō shrine.

a self fit to live with,

a work fit to live for,

The Old Gardener, 1885

somebody to love and be loved by–

these make life.

Side by Side

 If we learn how to give ourselves,

to forgive others,

and to live with thanksgiving,

we need not seek happiness–

Golden Tree

it will seek us.

Hey, my mind is turning out something . . . you, dear readers are simply charming and I have enjoyed every minute spent here with you all. Thank you for a memorable 2011 and let’s do 2012 giving of ourselves, forgiving those we failed in the past and always living in gratitude.

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distanc...

Sunshine xoxo

Photo credits: Flickr & Wikipedia

Inspiration: Daily WP #340: What are some possible new years resolutions for you?

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