Simply Christmas

I have seen several posts about how much longer we have to the BIG day:


In fact, you might want to know, I just left MJ’s Christmas Crunch . . . 6 days left. If you’ve been there let me tell you now–I-DON’T-WANT-TO- END-UP-LOOKING-LIKE-MJ’S-CALM-FACE– got that? So with that said, I am making a Christmas resolution with you as my witness.

 I, resolve right NOW, to stay calm, strive to live the next six five days in simplicity and in a good cheer.

 How I plan to keep my Christmas simple :

First, I have to accept my fate in holiday home decoration that I was never handed any talent in this department so no matter how many DIY holiday photo blogs I visit in hopes of creating the magical Christmas home, it will never happen. I mean really. Just a few days ago I visit Eryn over at Life on Mars and you know it, she drags  charmingly shows me her Christmas in Making with her beautiful holiday centerpiece and Christmas wreath. Gorgeous. Our simple holiday centerpiece looks like this:

The no-talent needed very, very, simple table centerpiece . . .

Seriously, I need Erin’s holiday centerpiece talent.

The nativity scene is very simple to assemble especially when you use a teenager more interested in playing on his X-Box than create that beautiful nativity you so wish for.

Now look closer at the photo. What the heck!!!

Where is the rest of the nativity pieces????

Helllloooo . . . excuse me, Hire-A-Teen Manger Scene person. I say, this is not complete. Just two animals in the scene? Where is the crib, the three Wise Men and the shepherds????

Oh, that??  Simple. They haven’t arrived yet. And I know you’re gonna ask what’s up with the big rocks so yah, I thought I would add some nature to the scene. You don’t mind, do you? Adds a touch of my creative genius . . . aww, man, Brute Chieftain just killed me!!! 



A very, very simple Hire-A-Teen-Manger-Scene. Some folks have not arrived yet and not quite sure when they will arrive.


My, oh my, keeping this simple resolution is grr . .  going just fine. I’m still calm. Well, I see only five more days now to keep my resolution since its taking me forever to hit the PUBLISH button.

I’m going now and thanks for helping me be a good cheer. Five more days and . . .

Christmas Cat
A blessed Christmas to you all! 

Sunshine xoxo



12 thoughts on “Simply Christmas

  1. mj monaghan says:

    Thanks for the shout out! This post was hilarious. I love the Hire-A-Teen-Manger-Scene. And that the rest of the characters hadn’t shown up yet.

    I think your centerpiece is cool. Have a great Christmas!


  2. Eryn Wong says:

    Hi Sunshine! This post is really funny!! I certainly understand how you feel. 5 MORE DAYS!!! Gather all red and green stuffs and light up a few candles and tie a few ribbons and you are done! Take things easy and you gonna have a cheerful merry Christmas anyhow 🙂 God bless!


    • Sunshine says:

      It’s a barrel of laughs around here for sure . . . and um, I’ll try the few candles and ribbons but most likely a house fire would probably occur knowing my great skills in decorating. 😦 haha!
      Oh, I’m really skilled in taking things easy so no worries in that department.
      Glad you took me on your Christmas decoration tour. Really. 🙂
      A blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones too!


  3. Bongo says:

    Hilarious post. Most of my decorations are still sitting in boxes in the back room – at least I got them that far. They keep calling to me to put them up.


    • Sunshine says:

      Now Bongo, go fetch them decorations and help your human get into the Christmas spirit. I think there may be a juicy beefy bone hidden somewhere in those boxes. Did you know that Bongo??


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