The Sequestered Angel Tree

Thank you Southern Sea Muse (and Observant Mind, where I first stumbled across this important article) for sharing the lives of these forgotten children. So often the focus is finding permanent, loving homes for the lost children in this world, but as I learned today, many, due to horrific crimes done to them, are unable to act outside an institution. I hope with awareness these children may find some hope of happiness and love in their lifetime. Thank you.

Southern Sea Muse

In a land far away from our minds stands a lone angel tree today, seen by few, known by fewer. This tree is different from the rest.

You know of the others. Right now in stores across the United States stand hundreds of “angel trees,” decorated with carefully disguised identities of needy children in the community. These are children who through no fault of their own are in situations which render them financially less fortunate than other children on Christmas day. These children may live with their families or perhaps are foster children, but they still have the freedom to live with a family, attend school, and, although challenged, have a fairly typical daily routine in the daily world.

Allow me to introduce you to a similar, but rarely-seen angel tree.

This tree also has the names of carefully disguised identities of needy children, but these children are apart from…

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