Way-Back-Wednesday Features: Tom Jones & the Lady Crush List . . .

Ahhh, Tom Jones. What an electrifying performer and every time I hear those words playing over the radio . . . she’s got style, she’s got grace, she’s a lady . . . it brings to mind two classy ladies that are top lady crushing material. In my world anyway.  But first, we have to hear and see Tom in action: (Don’t be laughing too hard now!!!)


First Lady Crush: Sophia Loren

Not only is her name beautiful and seems to roll right off your tongue, but she was beautiful in her prime–

Sophia Loren show 10

and has kept on living in the beautiful! Well, as best as a seventy-five year young babe can. I would have preferred if my lady crush wore a shawl (a nice red, sheer glittery and glam shoulder wrap would have sufficed) over her wrinkled chest but that’s Hollywood babes for you. If you keep your eye on the diamond bling necklace and earring it helps to distract the eye away from, you know.  Miss Joan Collins is not on my lady crush list. Sorry. No discussion at any time about Miss JC. Thank you.

English: Joan Collins and Sophia Loren, 2009.

Moving right along…

Second Lady Crush: Meryl Streep

English: Meryl Streep

This lady is super talented. She portrays many characters and her forte is imitating foreign and domestic accents. You did hear me say she’s super talented right? Well, in the film, Mamma Mia, not only does she act, but Meryl does a fantastic job singing! Ah, but what about her personal life you ask? Word has it she and her husband have raised four children, two who are in the same field as their mother and one is a musician.

If you have watched actors either on stage or on film, and their acting skills leave you unimpressed, meaning, you know they are acting, then,when you watch a performance that brings the story to life, you know this performer became–at least for the moment–the character they were studying for.

Meryl Streep does this for me in every movie I have seen her in.

I’m totally crushed by her work.

So, there you have the Way-Back-Wednesday feature artist: Tom Jones singing  She’s a Lady and two lovely ladies that got style and grace . . . and there’s no messin’!

Do you have a lady crush or two that fits in this category? Ladies with style and grace? 

The director said it’s a wrap so I’m taking my bow and exiting stage left! See ya!


Photo Credits: Flickr and Wikipedia


10 thoughts on “Way-Back-Wednesday Features: Tom Jones & the Lady Crush List . . .

  1. RVingGirl says:

    Someone tell the elegant and voluptuous Ms. Loren to wear something to cover her two-faced chest. The breasts look lovely and full, the rest a wreck.
    She certainly was gorgeous and still is….a little too much makeup tho.
    Love Meryl Streep too. Fabulous actress.


    • Sunshine says:

      You are so right about Mr. Jones. I’m not sure how old he is but yep, he still can sing and dance around, slower, but still moving! I enjoyed your blog 101 post 🙂


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