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I’ve been elected  (hope you don’t mind) spokesperson for the Children of the Earth Foundation. You can only find this foundation in ahem, my imagination so you probably are not familiar with a couple of ideas they actively promote mainly because its members believe it helps both the child and parent be more in tune with each other and the earth in general.

Although I’m their spokesperson, it doesn’t mean I am an expert in any of their affairs. I was hanging around the foundation one day just out of curiosity when someone volunteered  shanghai’d me into the position. With that out-of-the-way, here are the two official parenting rules earthy mommies (and daddies) follow….

Birth at Home

I know, some of you are thinking….yah, right. But think about it. It makes perfect sense to have your child at home with a certified mid-wife. You can spend time before labor with your family right there in the living room, why even grandparents can share in the event. Imagine your other children (if this is not your first) all enjoying perhaps a board game, sipping tea or soda, dad and grandpa watching the game on the sports television, grandmas and aunties chit-chatting about the daily affairs.  Once you start actively going into labor, you simply excuse yourself, give a wink of an eye to your mid-wife, grab your hubby or partner or whoever you want to attend the birth, then walk over into your bedroom, shut the door and off you go delivering your baby right in the comfort of your own room. If a complication arises, the mid-wife is there to help and they say most home deliveries have been successful. Like I said earlier, I’m just the spokesperson. Once the baby is breathing and checking out the new world, the mid-wife ties off the umbilical cord, dutifully looks after the details of cleaning the infant up and then lovingly places the hungry baby in the mama’s arms—ahhh, and now the baby is ready to be…


Breastfeeding symbol

Breast fed and reattached

Earthy moms usually are so in tuned with their bodies and the precious food they produce for their infant that the foundation rarely needs to promote this. Nothing makes perfect sense than feeding your child fresh mama made breast milk over powder made formula milk. But then again, if you are ingesting nasty things like drugs, alcohol, or smoking tobacco, it’s recommended you stay with the powder made stuff. Now with breastfeeding, comes the baby sling. Women use it worldwide, it’s easy to feed your baby discreetly just about anywhere. A full and satisfied baby can now rest warmly and snugly (just like in its former home) in the sling until the next hungry moment calls.

Pepohoan Mother and Child

So there you have it, two charming earthy parenting tip sponsored by the Children of the Earth Foundation. The members understand not all parents can love and raise their children in such earthy fashion, but hopes to offer a wholesome, more natural alternative. Oh, heavens, I’ve spoken way over my time…if you will excuse me, I have another press conference over at the Garden of Eden.




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Inspiration: Imagination gone earthy

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