Case Study #331: Is there a cure for stupidity?

Stupidity. What is it exactly? Is it something each one of us carries within us that normally as an adult lays dormant behind a filtered screen?

Are stupid decisions from a lack of education, poor judgement or immaturity? Wherever it comes from, I’m still searching for the right answers. In the meantime these are a few that have come to bother me and I want to know why???

Tags that flag stupidity:

  • I’ve posted on this before but one can never get enough of stupid parents who supply their kids with booze, tobacco or drugs. Extreme stupid tag
  • Stupid women who dress as high fashion models, but here’s a reality check.  Face it….you don’t have a million dollar  look or body, so stop your complaining about all the nasty stares and jeers you got all day from unwanted stalkers, but what the??? Your t-shirt is three times smaller than your expanded upper chest not to mention the v-line cut that almost reaches down to your navel….umm, what were you expecting, stupid?
  • Stupid drivers who text and put on make-up while driving
  • Stupid (so-called) friends from Facebook who want to be your friend but never, ever, and I mean never, return any of your messages. Is this the same people who never return phone messages?? I don’t get this.
  • At the movies, stupid parents who allow their children to sit anywhere (but with them) and these stupid children talk, move around to different seats, go to the lobby, play on their cell phones and do everything but watch the movie!

With a million dollars to spend, I propose investing in a community theatre. Here is a place where one can learn  act out their stupidity and not only get an applause for their performance but maybe a laugh or two out of their actions.

What flags stupidity to you? 

Going to find the stupid answers now,

Break a leg!


*random question….where is Zemanta lately?  Just wondering. 😦


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Inspiration from DP #331: Is there a cure for stupidity?



13 thoughts on “Case Study #331: Is there a cure for stupidity?

    • Sunshine says:

      Oh yeah, we have the same problem here especially with the dogs. Most of the vet doctors here also participate with low cost neuter programs but still we see dogs on the highway or shopping centers waiting for their masters to return. 😦


    • Sunshine says:

      Not only is this act of not stopping for the children stupid…it’s darn right rude! I’m guessing their excuse is Oh, we didn’t see the crosswalk???
      I totally support your actions!!


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