Don’t Blink!!

The daily  struggle

Slow down the time


for you know

my bones are frail and my walk’s restrained

by the daily struggle to reach your home door.

You left the porch light on I know

but i don’t want to come home…

no, no, not yet.

You see


by slowing down time,

i can give each wrinkle, each pain, each wobbled step

to every child whose life went like






As quick as they came, their end came just as quick…

You know them, you do,

whether you call them Jane Doe, Serenity or Bastien,

English: A child's drawing of four people.

 they end up in the same pool.

Their own blood-pool  if you must know, and look how perfect these children have become…

so obediently still after the fist and the punches helped them to bed

murdered by

a parent…a caretaker… family relation…a someone, where trust and love ceased to exist

that’s why i need time to slow down

and for God to use each

 daily struggle to help find these children

before it’s too late.

A childs drawing, crayon on paper, child was 3...

Photo Credits: Flickr and Wikipedia

Inspiration:  Daily WP #329 Would you rather… (part 2) slow time down or speed it up?

It seems everyday in the news you can find horrific stories about little children murdered by so-called loved ones. Today, I read about two fathers who murdered their own children. The first father pleaded guilty and rejected to appeal after his five-year old daughter was found dead in his home. The other father murdered his three-year old by putting him into a washing machine and starting it.

So, this was on my heart today and I wish to dedicate this post to this little girl, Serenity and Bastien, the little three-year old, (and all the other children) who silently gave up their lives bravely and innocently.


14 thoughts on “Don’t Blink!!

    • Sunshine says:

      Hello Lori,
      I think this feeling of helplessness is the heart breaker and maybe with an offering of the struggles in my life (and yes, prayer), it is one hope I can cling to.
      Thanks Lori!


  1. amira says:

    nicely written 🙂

    my heartbreaks witnessing the cruely of this world.
    your last line is so depressing –
    what kind of moron father will put his own child, own blood, in a washing machine and put it on!!!!
    totally shocking
    may the children rest in peace.
    may god create his creatures with love and mercy in their hearts.


    • Sunshine says:

      Me too Eleanor…I sometimes ask why but now (got tired) I just offer my daily struggles hoping God is using it to help one of those children.
      I know He has has a plan…I just gotta keep the faith and believe.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. Bongo says:

    Your poem broke my heart. Not only for the children whose lives are taken by a family member – but for those who live constantly with abuse of one kind or another. I know we live in a broken world. Praying that God heals it soon.


    • Sunshine says:

      The little girl who lost her life broke my heart Bongo. She had such an angelic little face and I guess it broke the heart of one of the social worker on the case since he committed suicide shortly after she was killed. Prayer is powerful and it works…


    • Sunshine says:

      Sometimes you have to put this deep sadness somewhere and I’m hoping although these little ones are gone, they can somehow know if we knew what they were going through, we would have been there to help. I thank you for pausing from your busy day…I enjoyed your conversation.


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