Sunday’s Feature Topic: Gossiping
Thank you Warrior Post Wisdom

Warrior Poet Wisdom


I overheard a pair of men
Discussing yesterday
The lives of other people and
Both of them did betray

One man in particular
That both men didn’t like
I found it strange that both men chose
To wait ‘till then to strike

They didn’t say it to his face
But when his back was turned
They did it simply because they
Don’t want their thoughts returned

They didn’t have the courage to
Face the man right up front
They didn’t have the fortitude
To speak up and be blunt

Instead they waited for a time
When this victim was gone
To give their snide remarks and boast
How they had much more brawn

How this man thought highly of
Himself and his talent
Their criticisms all fell flat
Because they were not gallant

Any coward can speak up
When target’s not around
It doesn’t take much heart to run

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6 thoughts on “Gossiping

    • Sunshine says:

      All praise goes to Warrior poet Wisdom for the great poem…
      It’s easier to drink from gossip’s faucet than walking away and leaving it be…at least that’s how I see it. I like your comparison.


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