Christine’s Heart Stolen

After spending far too long happily roaming the WordPress neighborhood today, chit chatting with fellow blogger friends, I remembered my Mama’s words, “Baby, it’s time to come on home for dinner  (and post writing.)  Just polished off my last bowl of spicy, spicy chili and so, here we go…

Think-think, think-think…..

Oh, have you seen the movie with Gerald Butler, Phantom of the Opera. You know how much I love this movie…and okay, Gerald Butler!

Remember the Phantom and Raoul (Christine’s childhood friend who seriously needs a hair cut and style!) vie for Christine’s love, and in the end, the Phantom kidnaps Christine, takes her down to his creepy, wet, dark dungeon and attempts to win her over.

Ah, no. In the 2012 new film release, the Phantom has the Extreme Makeover show come over, update his pad, he visits the plastic surgeon, Dr. I.M. Looney and throw out the hair gel.

Christine is now interested. He owns the opera house, he’s her mentor, they share the same love for music and singing. In the new version, the Phantom is able to disguise himself to any singer he wishes to imitate (thanks to the Dr. I.M. Looney.)

Here he is singing to Christine that wins steals her heart.  Raoul closes the movie with his very jealous gesture towards the Phantom by cutting the rope that destroys the chandelier. It is during this mayhem in the theatre that Raoul ends his life in despair by jumping off the rafters.

Shocking, I think Dr. I.M. Looney made the Phantom look a lot like….Adam Levine??

Christine and the Phantom are now Mr. and Mrs. and along with their six children, they run the Phantom Opera House. Every year they have a Masquerade Ball to celebrate all the foster children who found a  permanent family through out the year.

You take it from here dear readers!

*chores all done Mama, I’m off to the neighborhood! *screen door opens and closes….


Video Credits: You Tube

Inspiration: Daily WP topic #324 Write a sequel to your favorite movie.

10 thoughts on “Christine’s Heart Stolen

      • spencercourt says:

        I saw Phantom in Vegas, and that was an excellent production! Don’t know about Broadway, but in Vegas the venue (Venetian) is set up as the Opera House, complete with some fake upper crust guests in “boxes” and a chandelier that comes crashing down at the end. I’d see this again!


      • Sunshine says:

        Oh my!! An actual chandelier crashing at the end of a stage production would be something to experience!
        Thanks for sharing this…definitely will have to see this! 🙂


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