A Simple Warning Before You Visit ReadMind

Read my mind...."I am a very good kitty!"

Just got back from the city, ReadMind, and, if you haven’t been, it is someplace you don’t want to visit with your house cat. Seriously. Don’t take your cat, unless you love listening to whining at mealtimes, snoring and silly cat & mouse capers during nap time and the constant nagging about everything and anything. You see, my house cat I believe suffers from extreme boredom. To remedy this infliction, the local vet here in town recommended a change of scenery, and booked a few days visit for the two of us at ReadMind.  You know, the quaint little town just around the corner from Aunt Sally’s? For those new to ReadMind, once you are in the city limits, a human can actually read the minds of animals. Cool huh? Yah, well…..that’s why I missed a daily post yesterday if you were wondering.

I am warning you, DO NOT enter this city with your bored house cat!! You may not like what you find.

Anyway, we arrived at the bed and breakfast just in time for dinner and this is why I am warning you about your cat. My dish was a delicious Fish and Chip entrée, served with an icy cold beer and the cat’s entrée, Salmon Pate. It came on a delicate china dish that not only looked tasty, but smelled heavenly as well. Without warning I received my cat’s thoughts and this is what I heard:

Read my mind...."Are you kiddin' Miss Rat-face, you thinkee me, Miss Queen of the entire Cat kingdom, would eveeen touch theez piece of gaarbage??"

What? What? Whaaat did I just read from my lovely house cat’s mind??

“Ya, yous read it right Mama. Theez is whaat I tink every time yous buy them bargain can cat food. Yuuuck. I have super scent glands and theez here food tonight is crap. I refuse to eat it, just like at home.”

Jumps off the chair and turns back to me and says,

"Goonight, me going upstairs to bed."

Just like at home, my cat refused to eat her dinner. Only in ReadMind, I saw a side of my cat I didn’t know about.

Damn, she’s rude!

The next morning, I thought it would be nice to do some sightseeing but as usual, my bored house cat only wanted to nap. With the morning sun warmly filtering through the sheer white curtains, I left her asleep at the bay window seat. When I returned a couple of hours later, I was shocked to hear:

“Nooo pleazze Miss, Oh-so Gorgeous-Mouse, I promise not to catch yous. Snore, snore, snore…. EEEEK, yous scares me Miss Mouse!!!”

What? What? Whaaat did I just read from my lovely house cat’s mind??

“AAAghhh, youuus scared me! When did yous get back from sightseeing? Gosh, I had an awful nightdaymare!”

Looking at me a little embarrassed, and in her cool like voice she thinks out loud,

“Er, I was just acting out one of my scenes from a play I’m acting in. Really. You know how I love to catch mices!!”

Hummm, so that’s why I had to buy a mouse trap because my bored house cat is afraid to catch the mouse.

Damn, she's a coward!

Finally, it was time to go home and I will spare you dear readers the rest of my bored house cat thoughts because the constant nagging and whining would have landed you into the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Institution.

This is my final warning to you my dear readers, if you go to ReadMind, REFUSE, at all cost, to take your bored house cat with you.



Photo credits: Personal Collection and Wikimedia Common

Inspiration: DailyWP topic     Would you rather read minds or live forever?.

19 thoughts on “A Simple Warning Before You Visit ReadMind

  1. etomczyk says:

    No, no, no, no,no! Cats don’t get a choice to be bored. I have a hard enough time keeping myself entertained, let alone a damn cat. You can tell your cat is not a ghetto cat owned by moi. It would be, “Cat, get your sorry-ass out of my face and go read a book, or you can go play with Rufus, the dog, next door. He keeps texting me for you to drop by for a play date!” 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Haha….my bored house cat is on her way to your place for a Tough Love retreat! She’s throwing a tantrum but I have great confidence you will get her in top notch shape in no time. (or Rufus will….)


  2. Lori Franks says:

    I loved this post because I love cats 🙂
    I have a manx who is bi-polar. Really. I don’t think I want to take him on a trip to ReadMind. It might be too enlightening! Somethings are better left unknown!


    • Sunshine says:

      Seriously Jo, you have won the prize for the demented animal category! I loved you post and the graphics were awesome!
      And speaking of cockatiel….a friend had me baby sit her bird and it was three months of HELL!!! What a high pitch scream it had and soooo needy! My bored house cat almost ran away from home!!
      Thanks for sharing your ahem, lovely animals?….:)


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