The Snow Queen and a Bluebird

The Last Word of a Bluebird….as told to a child.

Crow in Flight

As I went out a Crow

Fleeing from Atlantis

In a low voice said, “Oh,

I was looking for you.

How do you do?

I just came to tell you

To tell Lesley (will you?)

That her little Bluebird

Sialia sialis English: A pair of Eastern Blueb...

Wanted me to bring word

That the north wind last night

That made the stars bright

English: Water Trough near Compton Valence The...

And made ice on the trough

Almost made him cough

His tail feathers off.

But he sent her Good-by,

And said to be good,

And wear her red hood,

And look for skunk tracks

Skunk 1

In the snow with an ax–

And do everything!

And perhaps in the spring

He would come back and sing.”


The weather is beginning to chill in my little hometown, and poet Robert Frost has come to remind me, it’s time to slow down…

   Begin to prepare for the winter months that lie ahead, while backstage is December, waiting for the cue…..

        To make the grand entrance as the beautiful Snow Queen. She will soon cover the stage with her brilliant white blanket of snow….

And the audience will love her and applaud her magical flair….

          Her Master looks fondly at His creation’s work, and lovingly smiles through the standing ovation…..

                                      Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!!


Photo Credits: Flickr and Wikipedia

Inspiration: The Last Word of a Bluebird poem by Robert Frost


20 thoughts on “The Snow Queen and a Bluebird

    • Sunshine says:

      Ahhh, electric blankets are wonderful!!! Except when morning comes and you have to get out of…..NOOOOO, not yet!! 5 more minutes, PLEASE!!!
      Hope you didn’t wait in the Black Friday line for your blanket. 😦
      Enjoy your warm blankie Connie!


  1. Thomas Davis says:

    This is an interesting poem. I like the way it weaves through the photos and tells the words of the crow and the bluebird within the context of the last four lines, which are unexpected and thus make the poem.


    • Sunshine says:

      The master poet Robert Frost at his best! I love the way he can take you right into his world with so few words. Amazing!
      Thank you for visiting and I appreciate your conversation.


    • Sunshine says:

      Every winter I have the same thoughts….maybe it’s time to pack up and go somewhere where it’s warmer all year round. Phooey, the next thing I know it’s spring. 😦
      Glad you stopped by Lori !


    • Sunshine says:

      Well hey Bongo-cutie! You will be happy to know I got a heated water bowl for all your relations who live out in my back yard. That would be a far, far distant, Uncle Bub, your 110 pound Great Pyrenees, 2 feline (no relation to you) cats and tons of birds who never seem to fly away to warmer weather! 🙂


  2. amira says:

    everyone is talking about winter and i start to miss it.
    no winter here in maldives. it’s the sunny side of life.
    my craving to go back to australia resurfaced –
    but hey, there they have summer now.
    for winter, to feel it now, i would have to go back to USA
    strange world – but what beauty in god’s creation 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      I find it’s best to enjoy the moment(s) where you are located. There’s beauty in everyplace…just in a different way.
      It is nice to be lounging around on a cool beach though…I do miss that.
      We can just imagine what we love—that works 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Wow, thank you!! You have left me a great gift with your kind words.
      I gain valuable educational blogging tips from your One Cool Site!
      I am honored by your visit, thank YOU!


  3. eof737 says:

    Oh another Frost fan! I wrote a post full of his work… He is one of my favorite American poets. I love this post and the blue bird message… bittersweet. 🙂


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