A Hand in Marriage


Miss Juanetta here, aka housekeeper and staff writer:

A nice thing about children is they grow up. Today, I had a surprise visit from my oldest daughter’s boyfriend, without my daughter in tow. Unusual, since they both, like most young lovers, travel together as white is on rice. He wanted to ask me something.  Let me say this young man is what I have prayed and hoped for that one day each of my daughters would find. Respectful, thoughtful, humble, well read, goal and family oriented, non-smoker, (sorry, after my daddy –one of his few faults–would smoke cigars with the car windows up, I have grown to dislike tobacco smoke. I said, dislike the smoke, not the smoker. So, if you are a smoker, carry on, just around the corner please!) and most important, his life includes God. His parents have taken in my daughter and love her as their own and I, after the big question posed to me by this young man, see him as another son joining our family. Yep, you can guess what was on the young man’s mind.  He was asking for the hand of my daughter and hoped I would approve and give them my blessings. We stood outside under the dreary, overcast skies and chilly temperatures as he waited for my response. Nervously he showed me the ring, it was dainty and very sparkly pretty. As he  tucked his hands into his jean pockets to keep warm, he asked if I would take him as a son-in-law.  As I closed my eyes to hold back the tears, in my mind  a beautiful, warm and sunshiny day had broken through the clouds.

Yes, I told him, you will  NOT be my son-in-LAW, but my son-in-LOVE. He hugged me and said thank you because, he also had prayed for a spouse, and when he met my daughter, he knew God had answered a long-awaited prayer. He plans on surprising her on her birthday coming up on December 7, (Pearl Harbor attack day) but the wedding plans

Wedding Photography

he said, must wait until he finishes his respiratory therapist degree and she, her music education degree.

Charming Tip:

Love combined with living on a prayer is a beautiful way to start and keep a loving relationship glowing and growing.

So, it may have been a Black Friday today, but for me, I will remember today as a Simply Charming Friday and I can hardly wait for the day I will be a Mother-in-Love.

Blessings to you,

Miss Juanetta, aka housekeeper and staff writer

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20 thoughts on “A Hand in Marriage

  1. RVingGirl says:

    Oh dear, you have brought tears to my eyes. I am thrilled and I don’t really know you, don’t even know your dear daughter’s name or this young man but I am THRILLED.
    PRAISE God…….if you knew the prayers that have been on my heart all week, you would KNOW that my reading this message has been a kind of sign for me….God DOES answer prayer!
    Congratulations on the Blessed engagement and on making my DAY!
    Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and for your faithful servant, Simply Charming!
    This post? Simply Wonderful!


    • Sunshine says:

      You have left me speechless or maybe better said as….so thankful for your conversation. May all the glory and praise you have written go to Him.
      Thank you for sharing what has been on your heart….*cyber hug*


    • Sunshine says:

      Rumpy, you already have the cutest and biggest smile for a canine! Thanks for taking some time out from your busy canine schedule to visit. Maybe you can come to the wedding…hehe, with all your furry friends and human Jenny. 🙂


  2. Gracie Sam says:

    That’s a very beautiful story. I too had prayed for a loving, kind, sincere husband and who includes God in his life too. He answered my prayer and gave me a wonderful gift. I am married to my husband who I have always dreamed and prayed for. I do believe in the power of prayers and of faith in God.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful post.


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