Life Giver: Rocky Ridge Refuge

While scrolling through my Facebook news feed, a friend had shared a very special photo….

Rocky Ridge Refuge residents....

Some of you may have heard about Rocky Ridge Refuge but if you haven’t, you will be quite surprised at what the residents are up to over there.

....showing that love has no discrimination attached to it.

 The Rocky Ridge Refuge, in North Arkansas, is “a place of helping and healing for a wide variety of special needs animals that find their way here.”

I got your back brother, rest and be healed...

Janice Wolf has dedicated her life “for the many animals who come to my Refuge in need of help.”
She says “it is a blessing to be able to change the lives of some wonderful creatures and share them with others.”
 Because of Rocky Ridge Refuge, not only are the lives of the animals changed, but in a small way,
the world is given an example of a life well spent.
Thank you Janice.
Please visit this Life Giver, Janice Wolf, and all her delightful friends at

Visit us....we promise to be reeal good!

Photo Credits: All photos belong to Rocky Ridge Refuge


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