*Click! Simply Charming’s Exclusive, First Step Award!

I am walking on sunshine y’all!

My baby, Simply Charming , and I played hooky from WordPress yesterday but for a good reason. We were celebrating and partying!!!

Lori Franks of http://loriannfranks.wordpress.com , nominated Simply Charming for its very first award and like any parent I am so happy and honored and actually a bit surprised! I feel like my baby just took its first step!! Woo hoo!!!

Baby, you are walking now….and don’t forget your award that Miss Franks just gave you. Look sweetie, it’s called the Lobster


Honey, you can’t just run off and play. First, you must tell the folks out there watching you grow, about your award. Come on, speak nice and clear…

A picture of a young child

Simply Charming: Well, if you have less than 200 blog friends following you around, this award is given to you because, because, you are special too! The Lobster Liebster award, (German word for sweetheart, beloved person, darling) wants you to feel encouraged and recognized so like me you are encouraged to keep growing and like me, learn to listen to yo’ Mama better. (That’s just my rule….hehe) Miss Lori says you have to do one more extra thing before you can have the Lobster  Liebster award. Go out and find 5 of your blog friends that have encouraged you and and give them the honors, then, keep spreading the word about the award to everyone on the blog playground. You got that? Not sure? Okay, let me organize that for you:

  1. Say Thank you to your friend who gave you the award
  2. Pick  5 blog friends with not so many blog friends (less than 200) because over 200 you are in the popular crowd and this is not for them, hence, the exclusive award!
  3. Get in the blog playground and spread the word!

There you have the guidelines straight from baby’s mouth and now here are the five friends we would love to recognize because they make us laugh, think, inspire, educate, and kindly fill our world with their creative words, art work and images.

http://ilsewatson.wordpress.com–the focus is on personal transformation

http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com–Great graphic artist/photographer

http://millionmars.wordpress.com–Everyone has got a free tick

http://rumpydog.wordpress.com–I’m a dog with a unique perspective on human life

http://rvinggirl.wordpress.com–Part-time Rver; Full-Time Adventurer

Thank you Lori and thank you WordPress Bloggers!!



18 thoughts on “*Click! Simply Charming’s Exclusive, First Step Award!

  1. RVingGirl says:

    You ccertainly deserve it and I think before long you will be classified in the over 200 group of followers for your blog.
    Thanks too for mentioning my Blog. You are terrific!


    • Sunshine says:

      Oops, I think I used up all the butter Kana!
      I would have listed you on the list but figured you were way in with the popular crowd so yah.
      Mahalo and may you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving.


  2. Eryn Wong says:

    Thank you Sunshine!~ For having me on your list. It is great to have such a lovely blog friend like you 🙂 Have a blessed Thanksgiving with love, with joy and heaps of lobsters… Keke… XOXO


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