Come On! Put Up Your Dukes…

Listen honey, you need to tell them we want the pepperoni pizza not the cheese!









Every Sunday morning you will find me attending to the mini-adults over at the church nursery. If you think about it, these children really are miniature adults trapped in little bitty body suits. Every Sunday I use my one hour and a half time reflecting on this and of course, it probably makes me a blah type of nursery attendant. You would agree had you been assigned to be the mystery church attendant shopper   snooper. You know, like the mystery shoppers assigned to snoop at workers over at Ronald McDonald to make sure the workers are really working their butts off or just lazing around collecting the paychecks. I can speak with experience since I have a child working over at McDonald and every so often have to stay extra late to prepare for the mystery shoppers rumored to be coming over sometime during the week.

Well, like I said, if you be the mystery church attendant snooper  shopper, you will find me on any Sunday doing basically nothing. Yes, I know there is a whole closet filled with, please, I am dreading just thinking I have to type this, ARTS n CRAFT messy supplies I need to bring out and let the mini-adults create masterpieces  junk so the parents can drool verbally over each piece. What can I say except you see, I suffer with the Neat-Freak disease. It’s quite paralyzing at times. Whenever my body senses a mess could occur with anything, wham, it hits me very suddenly and the body/brain shuts down. So I can never make it over to the closet because of the impending possibility of a mess.

Don't make me hit you with my phone! Put my snack cup down!!

That’s it, write me up. I know it’s your job. Hey, I do sit well and sometimes, (but don’t count on it since I suffer with the, If -You -Get -Your -Toy- Snatched- from You, You -Have -Every- Right- to -Fight- for- It disease ) I break up the little battles between the aggressive mini-adult personalities. Perhaps because  the weather was quite chilly today, I had to sit idly by and watch a couple of my mini-adults duking it out quite frequently, for their favorite toys. I did however, get some energy to get off my chair and reprimand a particular mini-adult destined to become the class bully if not properly trained, after he pushed and hit a much younger toddler too young to defend himself. So, that’s a half a write-up sir.

I do read aloud to my mini-adults and some stay a few minutes while others whom I suspect don’t have read aloud experience at home, never come over to enjoy the stories. Advertisement notice….If you have children in your lives and opportunity arises, please, read aloud to them! (A charming tip from the blah church nursery attendant.)

Now you have experienced a moment with some of my sweet mini-adults, who are soooo sweet looking, but for some, can sure pack a mean push and punch when provoked. Maybe that’s why some adults still carry on in this fashion because as a child, they had a nursery attendant like me who rarely got on to them for their violent ways.

Write me up mystery shopper….. you big ugly tattletale!! I think I might have to hit you with my crayon! Yeee, gotcha!

I’m outta here before the boss gets here!!!

Sweet writings y’all!








11 thoughts on “Come On! Put Up Your Dukes…

    • Sunshine says:

      Observing the mini-adults truly is entertaining as well as educational.
      Yay! Another supporter for “Keep Your Crafting (messes) at Home!”
      Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Anne Schilde says:

    Oh no! “…never come over to enjoy the stories?” I can’t even imagine, that was the best part of school! I always wanted to sit the closest so I could see the pictures in the storybooks. I suppose there were probably wanderers in my classes too and my teachers just didn’t interrupt the story for the rest of us. I never knew.

    I don’t know who I would be if no one had read to me. I remember sitting all wide-eyed and listening to The Secret Garden… one of most magical times in my life!


    • Sunshine says:

      I like to believe the ones that never come around but remain in close proximity are still getting something out of my read aloud session. Some just listen in a different way I’m guessing.
      Children book illustrations are soooooo awesome!


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