Patiently Waiting….

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Living in a rural area that has limited internet access is a great classroom lesson on perfecting oneself in the Art of Patience.   I guess it is a lesson I must really need because here I sit, patiently waiting (uh huh, right!) for information to come forth across my screen. While I am waiting, I am writing you to inform  whine about this problem.

Goodness, in today’s hectic lifestyle, it’s expected not to have to wait for things. I mean, when I am sick, by golly, I expect my doctor to fix me up, pronto!  There is no time for sickness,doctor, because you do understand time is money?  You of all people should know this seeing how much you charge for office visits. (I know, I know, medical school was expensive.) Lying in bed sick with the latest germ invader means not only a financial setback but the zillion and a half things on my to do list is *gasp* sitting idle!! Take note, the to-do list should never be left idle for a moment or else you will regret it when you return and the list becomes the monster from hell simply because you lost the, check mark-off momentum.

Lesson #1: Imagine the country doctor who visited the sick in their homes. I think he would make his diagnosis then see that his patient (that’s me) stay in bed and let the body heal at its own pace that also includes lots of rest, liquids and peace and quiet. The goal for this lesson is learning to slow down and let the body relax. Lesson 1 completed. I  am now in a coma.

Lesson #2: Imagine   When the internet is running on slow, turn the darn thing off and work on checking off all the items on the monster to-do list.

I found my pen so signing off and checking lesson 1 and 2 from the patience lesson as completed.

Patiently waiting…


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Inspiration: My impatient attitude

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