3 Wise Monkeys?


Today’s special guests are the three wise monkeys who couldn’t resist dropping in to put their 2-cents into the question, “when is it ok NOT to practice the golden rule.” They want to put us on the same page as well, about what exactly is the “golden rule.” Oh, and Iwazaru, (the one with his mouth covered) just gave an eye-ball message saying that he will not speak today. He doesn’t want to speak no evil. Awww, so kind of you Iwazuru!

Kikazaru, however,  (the one with his ears covered) speaks for the three and defines golden rule as, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Kikazuru purposely covers his ears when he hears the latest hurtful gossip going on in the work lunchroom. He totally ignores it and allows the gossip to slowly “kill” the soul of the murdered by gossip victim. If he were to practice the golden rule,  he would not ignore, but instead, defend.

Mizaru’s, (the, I can’t see you monkey!) rule of thumb is, shut your eyes to all things evil. Totally ignore the golden rule, live only for your own safety and well-being. Wait, Iwazaru is giving another eye-ball message. He said, Mizaru should shut it and let everyone know it is ONLY okay to NOT practice the golden rule when it is something we dislike ourselves. Humm, who tagged these 3 monkeys as wise??

Oh, well, we all have to run along now and hopefully practice the golden rule.

I hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil!

the 3 wise monkeys….


Credits: Photo via Wikimedia Common

Inspiration: Daily WP##311 When is it ok not to practice the golden rule?.



8 thoughts on “3 Wise Monkeys?

  1. William Lawson says:

    What most people don’t know is there was once a fourth monkey, ‘smell no evil,’ who left the group one day to follow the scent of ‘buy no evil’ (a girl monkey who had left the group earlier to do a little shopping, and never returned), and was accidentally killed by a car as he was running across the highway to sniff at the base of some trees growing around the entrance of the local Walmart.

    In case you were wondering… 😉


  2. Lori Franks says:

    Great insight sunshine 🙂

    I remember a sign I saw in Thailand while hiking it said…”Beware fierce monkeys! Steal your belongings.” I am thinking monkeys don’t follow the golden rule.


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