Going back to the peace and summer love daze


Changing my ways and changing my name too

 Just call me Wildfire. No last name to go with that, just Wildfire

Sure, I love my name Sunshine but IF I had to change, may as well keep with the hippie air


What? If you say it sounds like a name for a pony, well, you are so thinking right

Comes from the Michael Martin Murphey‘s song


I think the 70’s was a very interesting moment in history not only musically but culturally in the way the hippies almost seemed fearless and because of this attitude, were able to create beauty in unexpected ways.  Beautiful and simple names of hippie children such as River, Cloud or even Harmony is an example of unexpected beauty from the 70’s.

Are you liking the 70’s hippie culture? What hippie name would you like to be called? Sundancer or Willow perhaps? Drop your name in the comment box! 🙂

Hippie Powers Man!

Photo credits: Flickr and Wikipedia

Inspiration: Daily WP #310 If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?


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