Sandman, please, a Dream

Have you been so sleepy that as you work to get your post in for the the day, suddenly you find yourself dozing in front of the computer screen? I am experiencing this post fatigue now. I read some writers reach for the coffee or energy dring drink but since I write late at night (the only quiet time left once every kiddo finds their way to the land of ZZZZ’s! ) the thought of going to the bathroom all night is not worth the wakey time for me. What to do in this delirious situation?! Think-think, think-think….Oh, no, my imagination is going wild again….

Oh, Mr. Sandman....bring me a dream, make him the cutest that I've ever seen..

I’m a goner folks.

Leaving you with the Chordettes as I leave with Mr. Sandman……

gkoofngiet   Goodnight.

Credits: Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Mr. Sandman: YouTube

Inspiration for this post came from little sleepy me *yawn*

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