A Year Lived with Wise….


Wisdom is a deep understanding and realization of people, things, events or situations, resulting in the ability to apply perceptions, judgements and actions in keeping with this understanding.           Wikipedia

On becoming a truly wise person, given only a year to meet this goal, my first action would be to seek a wise person like Ibn Gabirol who, as a poet and philosopher, back in the 1021-1070 said,

In seeking wisdom,

the first step is silence;

the second, listening;

the third, remembering;

the fourth, practicing;

the fifth, teaching others.

December-January: Silence

Extended periods of silence is a rare, if not completely unheard of with our modern world and its gadgets. Television, Internet, radio. Impossible. But, with a travel agent I could book a two month silent retreat to begin on the road on becoming wise. It would be a hard choice seeing there is Yoga, Zen, Buddhist and Christian silent retreats as well as many others. I hope snoring doesn’t count against you because I can snore the monastery down in two months! If you are wondering why I started the year in December, it seems to me a good time for silence. For example, if you are fortunate to have hearty snowstorms where you live, you know the silent sounds of the crispy, cold, snow laden ground and surrounding areas on a sunny winter day. It cannot be described fully, only experienced first hand.

February-March-April: Listening

As you can see, fine tuning listening skills is in three months and not the two.  (I so need it!!) I find myself frequently thinking about “things” when a person speaks to me. This bad habit needs to be stopped because it is quite rude wouldn’t you say? Perhaps another retreat, but instead of silence, it would be a guided listening retreat. It may be much appreciated coming from the two month silent retreat.

May-June: Remembering

Not quite sure what Mr. Gabirol meant so only two months spent on remembering. I did discover a retreat called Remembering Yourself. Interesting huh? Supposedly, a person can find the “real” human residing within by using Ayurveda and Sound Healing techniques. Cool! I really need to find the real me hidden inside this body.

July-August-September: Practicing

Late summer and Fall would be a good time to practice the knowledge gained up to now.  I want to keep my travel agent busy so, I sign up for  a work type vacation. I am thinking a project for three months in Cambodia. Why? Well, why not?  Of course, being the start of the rainy season in Cambodia, will make me all the wiser! (I will be dancing in the rain!!)

October-November: Teaching others

The last two months bring the year to a close and the wisdom I gained I want to give back through programs that promote literacy worldwide. I would like to give my time and energy (for as long as God will have me) bringing the gift to be able to read and understand, because the reader then gains a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Credits: Wikipedia and Wikiquote

Inspiration from Daily WP #308:What would you do with a year if your goal was to become wise?


10 thoughts on “A Year Lived with Wise….

  1. William Lawson says:

    An easy choice for me.

    I’d spend the year with myself as I was when very young. So young in fact that everything I saw was fresh and clear…entirely uncluttered by outside interpretation or fear. And–as then–I’d put my nose to the ground, and follow every engaging scent…until a better one was found.

    And I would continue doing that, not just a year, but until my life was spent.

    Oooops! In truth, that’s all I’ve ever done! But then the question is: Has, from it, any wisdom come?

    No, I think not. Instead, it is how the limits of ‘wisdom’ are…overcome.

    And that’s the only ‘course’ I’d suggest (not teach) to anyone.



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