A Masterpiece in the Making…

Well looky here….2012 just around the corner and you know how important learning new skills are no matter how young or old. Mama says it’s never to early or too late. And Mama’s always right. For me, the winner for the Lost Art skills to learn will be knitting (and maybe crocheting.) In the Life Skills class it would definitely have to be relearning, make that learning, basic culinary skills,

Chef cooking with fire!

with extra credit classes in grocery shopping and meal planning. I seriously think I must have slept through the entire year of high school home ed cooking classes!

The top sought after skill for 2012, however, will be discovering all the ways to leave the Fingerprints of God..

 in every aspect of my life……

I imagine 2012 covered with the fingerprints of God! 

“We are beautiful. Accept it, feel it, live it!”

Credits and inspiration:

Fingerprints of God video and quote, You tube Steven Curtis Chapman

Daily WP #307 What skill would you most like to learn in 2012?


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