Hey, Yo’ Gorilla Tired Yet??

Let’s face it readers. Sometimes everyone around us may know it’s quitting time but duh, our own foolish pride blinds us into thinking our physical looks and body are still looking like the not over 25-year-old babes living in those glossy fashion magazines. Now men, I am mainly writing about women here because recently, my oldest son (living in his glorious 20 something year old years) clued me in very quickly when I nonchalantly asked him,
So, dear, when are you planning on settling down?
Without a hesitation I hear,
 “Mom, unlike you women, us men have a VERY LONG SHELF LIFE!”
Allllrighty then.
You men can go on looking great over at the VERY LONG SHELF, thank you, very much!
So, on that thought, I went into a trance and meditation moment and here is what unfolded and naturally, since I am an aging woman, all the questions deal with this dilemma.
  • When does an aging woman know when to quit wearing a bikini to the beach? How flabby? Does a little overweight count against you??
  • When does an aging woman know when to quit coloring her hair? Do you have to wait until your face is full of those deep type of wrinkles or stop as soon as there are wrinkles around the eyes and forehead? What about the sagging jaw line? Should that be a good indicator to quit the color?
  • And while on the subject of hair, when does an aging woman know when to cut the long 70’s hair-do?
  • At what point, and I really need to know this, does an aging woman transition into looser (ugh) fitting jeans and t-shirts? This is just my theory but the looser you wear the jeans, the easier to gain weight because it seems the body wants the ‘mold around feel’ of the jeans. Just my theory. However, it doesn’t seem to work too much with the tighter tops….the boobs just wanna sag, period.
  • When does a woman need to *sigh* put away her stiletto high heels?
  • Make-up? You know it….when is it too much?? At what age does the shimmer all over the face and black rimmed eyeliner need to stop? When???


here I am, sitting on the very SHORT shelf life and thinking like Janis Joplin when she said…
I won’t quit to become someone’s old lady.

Pearl (album)

Not quitting yet,however, once I get over my foolish pride and face the reality that’s in the mirror, I am going to follow this simple Robert Strauss rule on when to QUIT obsessing about physical looks….

It’s a little like wrestling a gorilla.

You don’t quit when you’re tired – you quit when the gorilla is tired.”

Gorilla. Close Up.

Your gorilla tired yet?

Time for me to feed my gorillas so until tomorrow, meet you back here on the life shelf!


Credits & Inspiration:
Janis Joplin and Robert Strauss quotes from Brainyquote.com
Photos from Wikipedia
Daily Post 302 When is it a good time to quit.

12 thoughts on “Hey, Yo’ Gorilla Tired Yet??

  1. aawwa says:

    I liked your blog – for me, I will stop dying my hair when I can’t afford to do it anymore! I love wearing tight jeans and I don’t really care what others think 🙂



  2. eof737 says:

    Inspirational… and yet I thought, why quit? If it makes you joyful then wear that green eye shadow all you want, right? As for me, I keep imagining the day I will color my hair purple or some shade of blue… Yeah, just my thing. 😆


    • Sunshine says:

      Hey, how do you make those smiley faces with the smiles animated like yours above? Random question.
      Yep Elizabeth, how can you quit trying to look and feel good in life? Plus, I see preserving oneself also as a service to those around us. I mean who is inspired with a hag standing in front of them?? Really. I saw an older woman with purple color hair and since it was done nicely, it really looked good. Hummm, you may have started something…


  3. RVingGirl says:

    Love LOVE this post.
    As for me, I will NOT stop wearing the cool tight jeans….they keep the looser parts in check. And I stopped dying my hair this year. It has been SO liberating. Besides now I really AM a natural blonde; that is, if platinum counts as blonde. The other day I asked my granddaughter what colour she would say my hair is. She looked right at me and said BLONDISH….lol
    I can still wear bikinis with the best of em but mostly I don’t…..ha ha


    • Sunshine says:

      Nice thing about light color hair folks….transition to the white is not as dramatic. 🙂 I love those ladies with the all white hair and they put that light tinge of purple in it. Nice when done right.


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