300 Golden Opportunities…

“To improve the golden moment of opportunity and catch the good that is within our reach is the great art of life.”   Samuel Johnson

I wish for 300 golden moment of opportunity. 

The first 150 golden moment of opportunity would go to create masterpieces with all who suffers silently from illiteracy.  I wish for world-wide literacy.


The second 150  golden moment of opportunity would go to create masterpieces with every orphan,

Orphans by Thomas Kennington

sexually exploited children and the hard to place in permanent families “older children” in foster care and orphanages. I wish for every child a permanent and safe family to call their own.

The art of life is found in golden opportunities and seeking goodness for those who suffer.

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Daily Post #300

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  1. goaltalk says:

    Hello Sunshine! Thank you for linking to our blog! 🙂 May you continually be inspired to do good and bring awareness to those who are in a position to help the helpless!
    ~Bountiful Blessings!


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