Open the Pot!!

poker game

I would be the worst gambler and parent ever, simply because my feeble mind could not wrap itself around concepts such as in a poker game, to begin you would say, “open the pot.” To me, that would trigger my brain (and body) to walk over to the stove and open the pot to stir the beans. Done– and the beans are gently boiling and getting softer and flavorful every minute.

Now back to poker game, and since the pot is open, you may call or match a bet or a raise. If no one does this, you win the pot. Huh?? For me, “to call,” would mean, stirring the beans some more and then call the kids in to wash up and get ready for dinner. If the kids fail to show up, (never happened in this household) I am guessing the kids would be put to bed without dinner. No one wins because I am left with a giant pot of leftover beans, and the poor kids are tossing and turning with empty, churning tummies.


At the card game, if no one opens the pot, I can choose “to check” or “pass up” my turn. At this point, I am double checking to see if one of the kiddos set the table, checking on pets meal schedules,  checking what to make for dinner tomorrow, checking on after school appointments this week, checking to see who used up all the hot water after their shower and left an empty toilet paper container as well, checking about completed homework, checking to see who left the mess in the living room, checking, and checking and checking!!! Have I won the poker game yet? Just did a lot of checking!

Oh, haven’t won yet so they tell me I can raise the size of the bet and force my opponents to either stay or leave the game. I am thinking, raise? Raise, as in raise up a child in the proper way so he or she may enjoy a fruitful and meaningful life as God intended for them?

Children Walking on Trail

Yeah, I would suck at poker because you see how my mind sees the cards as life while raising up children. I do know that to raise up a child is an honor and I often take it for granted. The words “know when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em” may be tagged as a gambler’s advice, but for a parent it could be a reminder that the time parents have to nurture, hold, teach and love their children is a very short time. A wise parent would have to know when it is time to let them go to open their own pot of beans, flavored with their own personalities and talents.

Winter is preparing to move into my part of the world and nothing beats cold weather than a pot of hot beans. I know this has nothing to do with the Daily Post subject for today, but I would love to hear your favorite type of bean and maybe how you prepare it.

Happy writing through the brrr cold…


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6 thoughts on “Open the Pot!!

    • Sunshine says:

      Haha, always a smartie in the crowd! My thought would immediately go to my youngest who forgets to flush the toilet! His response….”I’m saving water, Mom!” 😦
      Thanks William!


  1. RVingGirl says:

    I always remember Friday nights in our home…..Mom always had a huge pot of baked beans on for supper. In those days we ate Dinner at lunch time and then had supper (another cooked but lighter fare) and since we were catholics, we did not eat meat on Fridays so it was YUMMY baked beans! No one has ever been able to make them like my mom……..
    Great and fun post!


  2. eof737 says:

    That pot of beans looked delicious and inviting. I’ll take the beans and skip the game anytime… Plus, I don’t gamble and have no idea how to play any of those gambling games… my loss eh? TY! 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      I am with you about the card game–makes my brain freeze just thinking about it and forget gambling since it’s too painful when you are beaten.
      You are so welcome!


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