FIX your Default Settings…

Great information sent from fellow blogger at Kana’s Notebook. I hope you take a few minutes and fix your “default settings” and pass it on to your readers….Thanks!

Kana Wanders

If you don’t do your blogging from an iPad, there’s one thing you might not realize about your WordPress blog. The “default settings” on your blog are programmed to send iPad viewers to a specialized “mobile view” of your blog called OnSwipe–and (speaking as an uber-frustrated iPad reader-of-blogs) the OnSwipe view is CRAP.

So I just wanted to take a moment to highlight the disadvantage to YOU, the blogger, of having your blog viewed in the OnSwipe format–and beg you to change your settings (also for the sake of ME, the reader).

  • The OnSwipe view is completely stripped of the theme you’ve used to personalize your blog. It shows the text and photos of your post against a white background. None of the theme design, none of your side-bar links, none of the options to visit your “about you” page… Nothing at all but your words on a white…

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