What’s All the Fuss with Goodness?

 “Seeking goodness and accepting life’s sacrifices can lead you into the right direction.”

Good parent(s) recognize living a life of sacrifice when raising their children can produce a righteous adult. It is good to meet the needs of a crying infant no matter how tired the parent is because this can lead to a well-balanced adult. A good parent also knows with proper feeding, clothing, sheltering, educating and loving, a child can grow up to be a well-adjusted, healthy and vibrant adult.


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Good teachers know their lesson plans and lectures go way beyond the classroom because students who are most inspired to reach their full potential come from the teachers who sacrifice their lives to reach them. An example of this is from the movie Coach Carter.

Coach Carter

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This teacher/coach desired good grades from his players and sacrificed everything in his life to make his students meet this goal. He knew it was the right thing to do. Overcoming all the obstacles, Coach Carter was able to raise, what school staff and parents tagged as underachievers, and put those students on the right path to success.

Good employers who work hard to get a good management staff and a solid company mission statements can have a successful business with good employees. I would think companies like

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Wal-Mart and


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to name just a few, know by committing large amounts of time and resources in its managers and general staff, it is the right thing, and their success show this.

The Charming tip for today:

When it comes to knowing when you’re right, a simple look into the amount of goodness and sacrifice involved may show how right on target you may be.

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