Oh, Shush-Up, PLEASE!

Dearest Readers,

There are two types of people who should do the public a favor and STOP talking, period! Every morning as I drive my daughter to school, we listen to our favorite morning radio talk/music show, which by the way, is one of the best entertainment ever! Two DJ guys, one short and chunky (married), the other tall and lanky (single), and why you had to know their personal status is beyond me. Anyway, their fun comes from talking with their listening audience on a range of subjects from man chichi’s, or, would you give up your spouse if offered a million dollars, and informative subjects like, where was the best neighborhood to go trick or treating. All fine and dandy as my daughter and I are kept laughing during most of the trip to school until…..ugh, her…..

It’s time to check traffic with me, Miss Nasally Monotone awful voice, how did I get on the radio, Lady…..

What I don’t understand is how the producer of any radio show cannot hear when one of their DJ’s simply has a terrible speaking voice. How is this possible?? Anyone familiar with radio, and if so, can you tell how this is possible? Whenever my daughter and I hear this female DJ do traffic it makes both of us gag on our home-brewed delicious coffee and donuts. Bleh! So, all the DJ’s with terrible radio voices—–shush-up please!

Okay, #2, you all know them……the dreaded pre-taped telemarketers who persistently leave messages on your answering machines! Give me a break! Sometimes the message has no relevance to your life what so ever, but on they speak to you like they know exactly what you need and they have it waiting for you. “It’s urrrgent, please contact us NOW or else……” So, you telemarketers —-shush-up please!

blah, blah..urrgent, blah, blah..NOW…

As for the one who should speak all the time, it would have to be like actor Vin Diesel. According to Wikipedia,  “Diesel is noted for his recognizable deep voice; he has said that his voice broke at around age 15, giving him a mature sounding voice on the telephone.”

Well, perhaps if the telemarketers could get Vin Diesel to work their phone messages, customers may decide to buy their product simply because of his smoothing, sexy voice!

There you have my take on the 2 types of folks who should remain silent as a favor to the world, and promote folks with fabulous voices like Mr. Diesel.

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8 thoughts on “Oh, Shush-Up, PLEASE!

  1. Eryn Wong says:

    Agree!!! We have one radio guy in the morning talk show, just too disgusting and nobody actually tell him that! I think Vin Diesel is super sexy with his voice!!


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