Make Plate then Go….


Little Malia learned very early the signals that indicated it was time to go home from a family get together or parties. Amid the boisterous laughter from family, friends and neighbors, the music and hula dancers, Malia knew when she heard these words, “Go, make plate….

Loco moco, Hawaii's well-known food, at Nico's...

the end of the party was coming to a close. You see, in Hawaii, or at least in my family, once you start to “make plate to take home,” that is the BIG sign for you to prep for the Aloha (good-bye) my friend. Once you assembled your take home plate, our family tradition included helping to clean up after the party.

truman washing dishes

Of course, you always hear the host saying, “No,no, no, you just sit down…..go, we can clean up later.” However, no one paid attention to the host because we all knew those words really meant “You guys are too good and NOT RUDE like some who just come, eat and go!”

Although I have since moved away from Hawaii, this cultural ritual is still part of me and I hope my children will carry on this tradition since I think it imparts generosity to the guests who visit us and kindness to the host of the party.

So, if you plan to come for a party at my house I will expect you to take home some food and please, sit down, you do know clean up can wait until tomorrow…..or can it?    You decide…..




6 thoughts on “Make Plate then Go….

  1. rumpydog says:

    Here in the southeastern US we have a similar ritual, at least my family does. You offer everyone food to take home and the guests help clean up, especially if the host is an older person.

    Does your family also prepare far more food than is really needed to feed the guests?


    • Sunshine says:

      Not sure if it was just poor planning or done on purpose but yes, we always prepared more food than needed. I completely forgot about this! Haha….maybe that’s why we had to send the food home with the guests!!


    • Sunshine says:

      It was funny to hear the adults (mostly the Moms) going back and forth with the “no, go sit down….and then, no, we have to help with the clean-up”….then back with the “no…
      Oh my! The funny thing is I see myself doing the same thing now as an adult!! Yikes!!


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