Bubble Baths and Sunshine….

Dearest Readers,

I will be writing in a letter format today and maybe tomorrow and the next. Change of pace adds spice so they say soooo, the Post of the Day question is, “Where is the most relaxing place in your world?”

My world divides nicely into sections  percentages: 75% reality, 20% possible reality if I really applied myself and worked at getting it and 5% no way, simply a dream or fantasy. With this knowledge, let’s apply how my world would look like if you by chance find me, *gasp, relaxing!

Most of my 75% reality world relaxing activities take place at home. Yes, I admit it, I am a homebody. I am not sure if this condition comes with aging and/or even if it happens to everyone or if it could be considered a bad condition. Historically, I believe life use to center in the home until advanced transportation became popularized. Am I right? For me, having the luxury of social internet available 24/7 has increased this wish to stay at home if all possible. If I do have to venture out to work, run the kids to some activity or (not again!) grocery shopping, the time is carefully allocated to spend the least amount of time adventuring out. Reading, watching Johnny Depp, Sandra Bullock or Tyler Perry movie marathons and believe it or not, housecleaning (I am also a neat-freak in my head) are cool ways to relax in my world. Ideally, and by the way, this is part of the 20% possible reality world if I make an effort to make it happen, bubble baths while sipping champagne with beautiful classical music softly playing in the background. Ahhhh….a toast and cheers!

My last 5% as noted above is at this time merely a fantasy which plays often in my mind when I simply want the dream relaxing get away:

A life spent by the seashore would be simply divine….
Horseback riding at the sea…what a relaxing and beautiful dream I am having…
and finally a lifetime membership at this exclusive massage and health spa, by the sea of course, sinfully relaxed in my ultimate dream world….

Have yourselves a relaxing week writing,

Sunshine ♥



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